Personal Narrative: My Dad Changed My Life

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The only thing that was life changing is that my dad changed jobs from working in Iowa city and being gone all the time, to switching jobs in Clarence so I’d see him more. When I was littler, me and my brothers would get up super early Christmas morning so that we could hopefully open all the presents that were underneath the tree.
We would separate the presents and try to figure out what was inside each one, while we waited for our parents to get up. Sometimes we would only be able to open one because my dad always didn't have time to sit and watch us open the presents. We would wait till he came home from work and then open the rest late at night. When he started working in Clarence it was a change because I would start seeing him a lot
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Santa must’ve come! I thought. I quickly hopped out of my bed bringing my blanket with me. Trying to be quiet as possible I walked down to the kitchen. I looked at the dresser where the cookies and milk were set next to the front door. Some of the cookies were gone along with the milk. I squealed quietly Santa had come! I walked into the kitchen where our stockings were stuffed full I grabbed my full stocking that my grandma had hand-made me. I walked into the living room and sat next to my sleeping kitty, I poured my stocking out to see what was inside, nail polish, ear buds, Recees, gum, Skittles and …show more content…
I grabbed the present read the name and put it in its designated place, Owens was to the left of the tree mine was to the right and Nathans was to the middle of it. We sat the for another hour sorting presents. We looked for who had the biggest which was Owen, I had the most so I was the best. Nathan had littler present but nevertheless near the same amount as me. After we were tired again and it was around 4:30 we headed back to our rooms with our candy so no one else could take some out of ours to eat it.
I soon fell into a light sleep after the sugar high went away, me and my brother would wait until we heard our parents start to wake up or my dads alarm go off, since it was christmas my dad wouldn’t have to go to work until 8 o’clock. We heard Nate get up to go get his stocking, he always woke up later than me and Owen we usually kidnap something small out of his stocking to eat like a chocolate santa or some peeps. He went back to his room we could tell the difference between him and our parents, is he was much light his footsteps were also quieter. We finally heard my mom get up to go make coffee, we all hopped out of bed to go pester her if we could open

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