Narrative Essay On 'The Three Alfredos'

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The Three Alfredos

Have you ever been lost? Alone, cold, and scared out of your mind, well you shouldn’t feel that way because even though you’re feeling lost your family is right behind you helping find your way back. Alfredo II, a tall man with a bushy beard and a quick mind in difficult situations, and my grandfather Alfredo I, an old man with dark brown skin, and a silver tongue. They were both born and raised in Mexico, and had come to the United States for a better life. Mexico the land of the red, white, and green, it holds a place in my heart since is my ethnicity and where my family lived in. I learned the value of family when I got lost, I was once alone, cold, and scared but thanks to my family helping me out I found myself on the
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We were low on gas nothing too big but we needed money to pay for the gas, so we had to make a quick run to the closest town to find a bank. My father parked the truck in front of the bank, my grandpa and dad got out to get money from the ATM I stayed in my truck thinking this will only take a couple of minutes. An hour passes I’m a bit confused why it’s taking so long so I went in the bank to investigate .I go in the bank and I see my father and my grandfather completely confused by the ATM, they didn’t know how to work an ATM machine at this point I’m just mad. I wanted to go home I’m tired, hungry, and I wanted a long hot shower. I took the debit card swiped it put in the pin number, got the money and gave it to my dad; I did not speak at all for the rest of the ride home. When I got home I only had the energy to clean myself up and then go straight to …show more content…
I thought about the day we got lost and almost got stranded in the dessert, when the truck engine died and almost got stranded again, and when we were stranded in the bank for about an hour. I realized how important my family is to me that on that day, because if we didn’t have my grandfather to lead us out we would have been coyote food. If my dad wasn’t there, I would have been sleeping inside that smelly old truck instead of my warm bed. Both my father and grandfather did amazing things that day, yet all I was able to do was work an ATM machine, nothing incredible at all. I was a bit down after that revelation until I found my dad working on the truck, he calls me over and he says this to me ‘well yesterday was a pretty crazy day huh! It’s a good thing we stood together as a family right?’ Family that keyword, I realize that’s what makes me who I am and I am what makes my family. Is true I couldn’t read the stars like my grandpa but he was there to help me when I was lost in the dark. I also didn’t know how to jury rig a car but my dad was there to show me a few tips and get the truck started. Even though my granddad and dad couldn’t work an ATM machine I was there to help them out when they were a little confused. My family helps me and teaches me when I’m a bit lost and in return I help and teach them when they’re a bit lost, because alone we might be lost forever

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