The Best Day of My Life Essay

  • The Day That Changed My Life

    for a few extra minutes embracing the moment. As I was beginning to close my eyes in hopes of getting an extra hour of sleep I was interrupted due to the vibration coming from my phone. I rolled over answering it, it was my uncle after we exchanged greets he said seven words that would change the course of my life forever. “Muna, your dad passed away this morning” I remember not giving any response. After, what seemed like days later I said “oh okay, are you sure?” like making sure what he said was

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  • The Day Of My Life

    On April 11, 1998, I became Catholic and it was the happiest day of my life. I had waited over 25 years to be confirmed and receive communion and because of religious education, my dream had finally come true. Religious education has many facets in the Catholic Church and that night I made a promise to myself that I would learn as many as I could in my lifetime. As a military child, I was always intrigued by the Catholic faith. Every Sunday I would watch the Catholic families pile into their

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  • The Day Of My Life

    The Day My Life Got Turned Upside Down My mother’s shrieks pierced the air. My father’s shouts thundered through the house. Unidentifiable thumps and clatters were heard in the kitchen. I sat crouched at the stop of the stairs with my brother, Nick, tears streaming down my face, barely able to catch my breath. I felt as if I were drowning in my tears. Nick sat next to me, trying to hold it together, telling me everything would be okay. Looking back, he was always the stronger of the two of

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  • The Day Of My Life

    it was yesterday. It was a Saturday afternoon, the day my life took a graceless change for the worst. On the day May 1, 2008 I witnessed for the first time, a human being take it’s last breathe right before my eyes. The day started off as normal. I awakened around 9:08 that morning with joy of the beautiful day that was standing in front of me. I stretched, yawned, and hummed my favorite gospel tune all at once. Brushing my teeth and washing my face always came before stepping foot into the kitchen

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  • Essay on A Day In My Life

    shows all day. This is a common stereotype for stay-at-home moms, who have choose to let their careers go out the window to stay home with the children; however, I have chosen to be a stay-at-home mom while being a full time college student, as well as being a full time mom. In order to dispel some of the stereotypes of a stay-at-home mom, allow me to share a typical day in my life as a stay-at-home mom of my nine month old daughter. My day usually starts at seven in the morning. If my daughter

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  • Best Days in My Life Essay

    ENGLISH -119 ESSAY # 1 Best Days in My Life After a long time I went to visit my homeland . Those days were my best days in my life. I mean colorful days in my life. for the first time, after a long time, I saw my grandparents . who were amazed to see me again . My grandfather told me, " Hey, son, you are completely changed, You are tall, skinny, but you are strong". My grandmother said that when

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  • A Day With My Best Friend

    After a long stressful test, I was going to spend the day with my best friend, Katherine. She opened the door to her dad´s car as she normally does with the school door because she is so courteous to me and also because she was taught to be that way.Once I got into the car I tentatively said to Katherine´s dad ¨Hello”.He responded back with a simple hello and resumed his talk with Katherine as if she had never left the car. They were talking so quick I had no idea what to say or do, so I kept quiet

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  • The Day Of My Life

    It was the day before heading off to college, I had appreciated the laptop my dad had got me, but I had had my eyes set on another one. It was at this time that I decided to go buy the one I truly wanted. This ultimately led to the longest day of my life. I made my way over to Best Buy which was around 20 minutes from my house at 10:30 AM. I got there a bit before opening and waited patiently for the clock to turn to 11:00 am. Now at this point I had not full made my decision. This resulted in a

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  • My Life Is Best Represented By A Book

    outgoing sense of adventure? Or maybe you would tell everyone how you have twelve cats and still live in your parent’s basement, maybe you would want to leave that part out. When we are asked to tell someone about ourselves we want them to see our best sides, our greatest achievements, our proudest moments right? So why don’t we tell them the truth, what about the pain, and suffering we have gone through, wouldn’t that be a better way for someone to get to know us? I am Savannah Benttine, I’m 20

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  • The Darkest Days Of My Life

    The darkest days of my life in Georgia occurred when we started our new family with my mother’s second husband. I hated him. I thought he was a stupid oaf. He was not though. I misunderstood things often as a child. He was actually a good man for many years. We just had a rough start. Firstly, I have forgiven him for all the bad that he did because of all the good that he did for my family. We went from hating him to calling him Dad by the time his infidelity ended the marriage. I remember him as

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  • The Best Day Of My Life

    When I look back on this day, it was probably the best day of my life. I remember the excitement I felt through my bones, the suspense and thrill of waiting like a child the day before a field trip. I had been waiting so long, counting the days down on my calendar. There was a desperate need to keep this delightful, giddy feeling of childishness with me; it was as if I was scared to lose it. I wanted to feel happy. Having this experience made me feel so blessed, but at the same time, when the event

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  • The Best Trips Of My Life

    It was one of the best trips of my life. Who wouldn’t want to go camping with their best friend? No nagging parents, no annoying siblings, no responsibilities, and best of all, no cares. I was free from any ties for a week. I could finally relax. It took quite a few hours to get there, but we made it to the campsite. It may not have been exactly what I had expected, but it was where I was going to have to live for the next week, unless I had strong enough legs to carry me home. The campsite possessed

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  • The Worst Day Of My Life

    “Cierra, wake up baby.” My grandmother said sadly with her face full of tears. (Grandma). “What’s wrong grandma?” I said as I jumped up. I looked around the room and noticed everyone was crying. I didn’t know what to think at that moment. All I knew that it wasn’t good. I left my grandparents’ room and went towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, my aunts and cousins were there crying too. I began to worry then. Considering that I’ve seen everyone but my grandfather, I went back to my grandparents’ room

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  • The Worst Day of My Life

    Personal Experience Monograph SSG John Webb The Worst Day of My Life 20 October 2012 ALC Class 001-13 Unclassified TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………1 Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..1 Description of events………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….1 Outcomes……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………4 Lessons……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….5 Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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  • The Best Experience of My Life Essay

    My Summer Vacation One of my favorite family traditions is summer vacation. Every summer without fail we go on vacation, and we stay there for at least a week. For the past five years we have been going to Disney World with our family that lives in Los Angeles. He is my cousin Ricardo, he lives with his wife and his 1-yearold daughter. I like them because they’re nice, cool and funny. It has turned into

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  • My Life Is An Ordinary Day

    defining moment in life. Life isn’t a fairytale, the only magic is metaphorical, and there is no “Poof!” moment with instant adulthood attached to it. Many moments could claim ownership to my metamorphosis into a young adult, and perhaps, in their own way, each event did play a part in who I am today, but only one event in my life is the event that I would share as my personal bildungsroman. It was supposed to be an ordinary day, that September forth, too early to expect a snow day and late enough

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  • The Day Of My Life

    It was the day before heading off to college I had decided I liked the laptop that my dad had got me for college but I had had my eyes on another one. It was at this time that I decided to go buy the one I truly wanted. This ultimately led to the longest day of my life. I made my way over to Best Buy which was around 20 minutes from my house at 10:30 AM. I got there a bit before opening and waited patiently for the clock to turn to 11:00 am. Now at this point I had not full made my decision. This

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  • The Best Experience Of My Life

    returning home to America. I just had the best experience of my life in Italy with not only discovering myself but also with discovering a new culture, and when I got back I was able to tell everyone my story. Once. People were willing to hear about my study abroad once or twice but after that they either got bored or didn’t care anymore. I felt as if Italy was a new part of me but when I got back I wasn’t allowed to let that part of me show. In turn, hiding a part of my identity from the world brought upon

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  • The Worst Day Of My Life

    When I was thirty-five I killed my brother. Nobody knows why. Well, nobody apart from me. Of course, the reason is obvious. However I am not going to tell anybody the reason I killed him until they clear out my cell tonight and they find this note. I am glad I did it. I always will be. In this life, and in the next. I am proud of myself. I remember the day vividly; it was meticulously planned. The lie to get his wife out of the house was perfect. And I am glad it worked. If it had not have worked

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  • The Worst Day Of My Life

    “Cierra, wake up baby.” My grandma said sadly with her face full of tears. (Grandma). “What’s wrong grandma?” I said as I jumped up. I looked around the room and noticed everyone was crying. I didn’t know what to think at that moment. All I knew was it wasn’t good. I left my grandparents’ room and went towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, my aunties and cousins were there crying too. I began to worry then. All I could think of was where is my granddaddy? I went back to my grandparents’ room and walked

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  • Graduation Day : The Most Important Day Of My Life

    Graduation Day: The Most Important Day of My Life May 18, 2015: I was officially an alumnus of Park Vista Community High School. No longer a student, but a graduate. Gone were the days where I would wake up at six in the morning. Gone were the long days where I left high school feeling sluggish and tired. The anticipation that the senior class of 2015 was graduating was refreshing and made everyone cheerful. During the course of four years I went from an anxious, uncertain, and frustrated

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  • The Day That Changed My Life

    Boy I trace my fingers across the crumpled photograph and sigh. I vividly remember that day. That one dreadful day that turned my life around. The day that made my already miserable life a living hell. The day that brought me where I am, sitting and sighing on the porch of this foster home. Instead of laughing with my friends and not caring about a thing; like a teenager should. With an obnoxious sound, my alarm clock startled me awake, forcing me to face reality once again. I groaned and stood up

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  • The Day That Changed My Life

    The day I still remember that moment, and I still have it. The day I taught myself responsible with my things, the day that I 'll never forget. The day that changed my whole life, the day that made me who I am today. The day that I got my first bike for Christmas. It was a bright and cold morning on December 25 of 2010. I woke up in the morning by the light shining on my face from the window and glare of the sun hitting off the icy window, I walked toward the window and my breath got taken away by

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  • The Day That Changed My Life

    It was a day, I was probably around the age of fifteen, which had changed my life forever although I didn’t know it at the time. This, however wasn’t just a normal day. It was the day that children looked forward to the most; it was Christmas day. On this day I had awoken fairly early, around six or seven, because I was excited to see what was under the Christmas tree. After a while of begging my parents to finally get up, we were finally able to open our presents. Although it seemed like it took

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  • My First Day Of My Life

    was a young girl, I begged and pleaded my mom for a phone. "But mom, everyone has a phone," I told her. She always told me that it didn 't matter what everyone else had, I was not them. That always bothered me because I obviously knew I was not them. The rule in our house was that when my siblings and I turned sixteen we would get a phone. Both my siblings already had phones, and it felt like an eternity before I would turn sixteen and receive one. On my thirteenth birthday on November 19th I

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  • Essay on A Day in My Life

    A Day in My Life It's 7am and once again the annoying repetitive sound of the alarm on my phone rings again. As I still have my eyes closed, I feel around the floor for my phone to stop the alarm. After ten seconds I find the cancel button, the alarm is still ringing in my ears. Eventually I open my eyes to find nothing but darkness. I feel as dead as Kurt Cobain. I stumble to the door and pull down the cold handle. As I open the door, I hear the sound of the T.V downstairs

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  • The Day Of My Life

    The day my life was turned upside down seemed like just a normal day. I had woken up early because my six month old sister, Addisyn, was once again crying to be fed. I had also once again fallen asleep in my parents bed. I got her up like I normally would do, made her a bottle, and sat down on the couch. I was curious as to where my parents were until I heard a very close gun shot and my step mom outside screaming “CALL 911, CALL 911!” In those short moments I had no idea that I would never see

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  • My Best Qualities For My Life

    My birth name is Bangde Fu, since my birth name is hard to pronounce, I go by the name Annie. I am Asian-American, to be more specific, I am Chinese. I was born in Guangxi, China. I moved to America with my mom when I was seven years old. I am now seventeen years old. I am currently a Senior enrolled at Central High School. I am bilingual. I speak proficient Mandarin and Cantonese. I live with my grandma, mom, dad, and two brothers. Among my two brothers, I am the eldest. It is said, according

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  • A Day Of My Life

    But Now I Face It All Alone On a fateful winter night on January 31, 2007, I sat silently inside my car contemplating how I could ever enter my home to face my loving husband of 22 years. It was only forty-five minutes earlier that I received a tearful phone call from J.P. Unable to express himself, after returning from his doctor’s appointment, I said that I would be home immediately. Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew that J.P had terminal cancer. Over the next seven years, J.P. was receiving

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  • A Day That Changed My Life

    am living a life where there is something that will always haunt me. It leaves me horrified every time I look down a road or if I see people on bikes. It’s a day that is so real to me, leaving me terrified. It’s a day that took my soul away, leaving me with no light to spare, looking for a way to get out. Nine years ago was a day that changed my life completely. It happened on an evening in June, just as the sun was setting, outside on top of the hill just right down the road from my house. I was

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  • The Best Day Of My Life

    not let me sell you in a garage sale all those years ago. The day you were born was the best day of my life because without even knowing it, I received my best friend. Being your sister has been the greatest blessing life has offered me. There is no one I would 've rather grown up and shared life with. My love for you is the most unconditional form and I promise no matter what happens you will always have me. I miss you every day when I am away at school and I appreciate all the snapchats

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  • The Best Influence Of My Life

    jumped up and was at my house in five minutes. He said it before that he is here for me and when I need someone to talk to he is here. I don 't trust anybody because every time someone says that to me they ended up leaving my life when I really do need them the most, or don 't know what to say when I need advice. I 'm going to share with you a person that is the best influence in my life. I have many family members, but this guy is the one who mostly influenced me the most. From my childhood he has been

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  • The Happiest Day Of My Life

    The happiest day of my life as an adult was when I got in UoPeople because it represented a new step forward for I want to do with my life, which is getting a degree in Business. And also the day I got accepted at the school that I am currently attending. Living in a foreigner country represents a everyday fight for make yourself comfortable in a place that is not yours. Where you are not fully accepted, and where you have to make your own place if you want to continue living there. After working

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  • The Day That Changed My Life

    The day that changed my life was the day my family had seen Jim’s body for the last time. Then I realized even if I do well and protect myself things are still uncontrollable. Also, I cannot protect everyone else around me and neither am I myself invincible. It was that day that I was finally aware of death. Yes, everyone knows that eventually every living thing dies, but I thought however, for some reason this would never happen to me. Now I realize how wrong I was. Jim, he was like a father

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  • The Best Year Of My Life

    It all started in what was supposed to be the best year of my life, senior year. It was coming to an end and it was track season. Everything was going great I actually liked going to school and it was track season I trained all year for it. I couldn 't wait for my first meet and get to see all my family up in the stands watching me. There was no better feeling warming up for a race and seeing all your loved ones watching you. My dad always wakes up early in the morning to go to work he usually

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  • The Last Day Of My Life

    Steve Jobs said “for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ and whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. When thinking about what is a good life, something related to money or fame will come to mind, such as to be a millionaire. Most people say “I want to be a millionaire like Steve Jobs,” and they don’t think about

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  • The Day That Changed My Life

    bedroom and my heavy, tired eyes eagerly opened. A huge smile was revealed on my face and a burst of chuckles traveled across the room. The laughter of a four-year-old child filled the hallways. The excitement was visible in my coffee-colored eyes as I ran down the stairs. I was elated! Today was February 4th, 2005; it was the day! This was the day that I got to finally play dress up with my mother and baby sister. I expected this day to be the best day of my life! However, it was also the day that changed

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  • The Day Of My Best Friend

    The Day in the Life of My Best Friend Friendships are one of the most important things a person can get out of life; someone may have many friendships but only a few people are considered best friends. They are considered best friends because they are always there for you when you need them, always know how to make you happy and always have your back. My best friend 's name is Ali Walder. We first met the begining of summer 2016 and we have gotten along ever since. However a typical day in the life

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  • My Life Is My Best Friend

    many different phrases my best friend has said to me. These words demonstrate the motivation that all of us need in order to be strong and successful in this world. Although we all go through difficult situations in our lives, we learn how to deal with each and every one of them. In fact, we all have someone that we go to with our problems, that has greatly impacted our lives and/or has changed our lives completely. That someone that has positively influenced my life is my best friend Ally. Her determination

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  • The Best Trip Of My Life

    It was May, 24,2006, and it was my remaining time in high school so for our senior class trip we get to go to Java Indonesia. I am so excited I will be in a different state with my three best friends and my boyfriend for a whole 2 weeks this is going to be the best trip of my life I got to school and everyone was so excited about the trip I walked into my first period and there where was my best friend Mikayla sitting there on her phone like always. I sit down next to her and the teacher told us

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  • The Best Days Of My Life

    What I thought would be one of the best days of my life turned out to be the worst. I was always the type of person that wanted to be wherever the crowd was at. So I spent most of my weekends at my high school football and basketball games. I never wanted to miss a game because I was afraid that I would miss out on something important. Then I would be forced to hear it from my best friends. When I would rather have my own personal experience of all the funny and exciting events that happened.

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  • The Worst Day Of My Life

    worst day of my life started on June 29, 2015. This is the day I found out my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. That day was all a funk to me. At the time, I didn 't know how to handle any of it. I had so much on my mind, like if school would be any different, or would my friends talk to me different? I didn 't want any sympathy because it would just bring all the thoughts of bad things happening to my mom buzz around my head. I think cancer in a family member 's life can make life very

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  • The Day Of My Life

    usual, but it was still a very nice night. Today was valentines day and I was taking a cab home from the airport where I work to my house in Brooklyn. A majority of my friends got the day off today but unfortunately not myself. Valentines day is one of my favourite times of the year and it was very disappointing that I could not get the day off. Valentines day is bittersweet for me. I met the love of my life a few years ago on this day. His name was Tom. He was always dressed in nice clothing, there

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  • The Worst Day Of My Life

    Del always told me to write in a journal to record important events….as he had. I always thought it was a waste of time, but after what I’ve seen…it seems fitting. Simply put: This is the worst day of my life. When those pirates captured me all those weeks ago, I never thought that…that it would cost the life of the one man I would ever love. If they didn’t, I could have been there. I could have helped him. If it wasn’t for those useless excuses for monsters, Del would be alive now. As I look at him

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  • My First Day Of My Life

    group of friend with them all the time I wanted to be just like them in every way, but little did I know my life in school would be nothing like that. All throughout my life, I 've been bullied. From the time I stepped foot in a elementary school to when I graduated high school. Or to go back... When I was in kindergarten, the class choices were am and pm. I had a am class. On my first day, I was in a big classroom. This classroom was bright blue had several multicolored cubbies for us to

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  • My First Day Of My Life

    Have you ever been satisfied with your life? Well, I was, but one person has changed everything. It started in Baghdad in 1998, I was eight years old. I was with my older sister walking home back from an amusement park. In the way, I saw a pair of shoes in a shoe store. I begged my sister to buy them for me, so we went in to buy it. while I was gazing on the shoes, my sister negotiated the price with the seller, but we ended up not buying it. She told me that she could not afford it, I was really

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  • Best Day of My Life

    point what day was exactly the happiest in my life. Was it the day I met my future husband? The day I married him? Or the day I became a mother? All of these were extremely happy events in my life, but I am convinced that if it wouldn’t be for the fact I agreed to marry the man of my dreams, I would have not experienced the joys of motherhood. For that reason I decided, that the happiest day of my life is my Wedding Day. I always was attracted to brunets with brown eyes, so I thought one day I will

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  • The Happiest Day Of My Life

    Think of the happiest day of your life. What did that day center around? For me the happiest day of my life comes from the happiest place on Earth. I was 7 years old and my mom and I went to Disneyland. The park smelled like cotton candy and popcorn, just like you would suspect. The sun was shining and everything was pretty much perfect. This is definitely one of my best days! While I was in the park the person in front of me dropped their picture from Splash Mountain and I was able to hand it back

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  • My First Day Of Life

    aunts, uncles, and cousins ready to meet the new member of the family. Her earliest memories originate from Kenmont Montessori School. In the classroom of Ms. Gracie and Ms. Lenore, surrounded by other kindergartener’s also beginning their “first day of life”. Many of her peers she’d grow up with and others she’d grow apart. Nevertheless, her creative journey began within the four walls of the brightly decorated classroom. As years passed Lorely would make countless friends and memories. Like the

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  • Life Changing Day For My Life

    August 17, 1998 was a life changing day for my entire family in more ways than one. My parents closed on their first home for our family and welcomed their first daughter within hours of each other. In fact, my dad almost missed the birth due to signing the paperwork about an hour away from the hospital in Woodstock, Georgia. My dad learned many things that day including Atlanta traffic at four in the afternoon is terrible, especially if you are trying to get to the hospital to see the birth of your

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