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  • The Age Of Space Exploration

    the age of space exploration. The Soviet Union was racing against the United States to seek advancements in their technology and be able to claim the victory title. The accomplishments attained by all participants marked the first steps in exploration, advancement in human scientific achievement, and a growth in the understanding of the universe. With each space exploration mission completed we make significant innovations and technological progressions that can be applied to many other areas other than just space. From the beginning of time humans have been compelled to explore newfound, unknown lands. The same incentives put a man on the moon as they did to bring men to explore new…

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  • Expand Space Exploration

    Is it safe to expand space exploration? In the US today there is debate about whether or not space exploration should be continued and further more into space. Though some people believe increasing it is not wise because it 's dangerous, the United States should increase space exploration because we can learn more, make better technology and gain a lot of money. Some people believe that manned missions of space explorations are far too dangerous and it’s too expensive. “Space contains the…

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  • Dbq Space Exploration

    Space exploration has been a goal among countries during the cold war. The two major powers of the time (1947-91), the United states and U.S.S.R competed among each other during a time, known as the Space race. However, as countries mobilized both technological and military power, they also joined the goal of space exploration. Several countries such as India, Japan and China, began to view space exploration as the next step to explore and to build wealth to their respective countries (Source…

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  • The Reasons For Space Exploration

    Space Exploration Why are people upset about NASA and their space exploration program? I am going to write about the reasons behind many people oppose space exploration and why many people encourage space exploration. This topic is of interest to me because as a people who wanted to explore space and believes that space exploration is important, it is an issue that needs to be addressed and needs to be funded again. This topic will be interesting to my readers because there are still so many…

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  • Examples Of Space Exploration

    Space exploration is beyond our wildest dreams. Overcrowding stars, planets and mysteries in the open universe is unapparent and discovering everything that forms our world would be nearly impossible. To some people space exploration allows us to solve the wonders and understand a broader view of our universe we live in today. All matters in the universe, illuminating, were all merged together as one singularity - undergoing a rapid expansion to become a universe we stand on today. A highly…

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  • Women In Space Exploration

    In a period of incredible social turmoil and change, the United States space program was a project that brought Americans together under the same moon, same stars, same sky. However, right from the beginning, it was clear that the space program did not fully represent America. While white men were at the forefront of space exploration, women and people of color were originally overlooked. As these groups made more and more progress and had a greater and greater presence, they continued to…

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  • The Influence Of Space Exploration

    ideas. Such as going to the moon. When the Soviets heard about this, they were angered of the thought of a satellite. With the equipment to put objects in space, you could launch missiles to the other side of Earth and take out any country in sight. Instead of destroying everything and everyone you…

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  • Space Exploration Is Necessary

    accomplishments as the leader in human space exploration.” This will be the gloomy outcome if we let the government stop funding space exploration. We should have our Space Exploration program because it furthers our knowledge of the universe, results in new technologies, provides American jobs, and evokes curiosity in everyday people. We should continue to explore space because in doing so, we are discovering new, exciting things and furthering our knowledge of who we are and why we are here.…

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  • The History Of Space Exploration

    For millennia, humans have been looking up to the skies, wondering what is out there in the universe, and thinking about the glory of the moon and stars. During the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union, huge advancements in outer space technology were made, including the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. In 1958, the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, put America ahead in the space race against the Soviet Union, and set a worldwide standard for space…

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  • Exploration Of The Space: The Importance Of Space Exploration

    Exploration of the Space “Space, the final frontier” is a popular phrase from the television show Star Trek. However, even though this show is fictional, the idea of space exploration is truly real. It may be interpreted in different ways, such as, a need for human exploration or the next destination for human expansion. For centuries, the stars have mystified people all around the world, and it was not until recently that exploration began. Within the last one hundred years, man not only…

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