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Space exploration is beyond our wildest dreams. Overcrowding stars, planets and mysteries in the open universe is unapparent and discovering everything that forms our world would be nearly impossible. To some people space exploration allows us to solve the wonders and understand a broader view of our universe we live in today. All matters in the universe, illuminating, were all merged together as one singularity - undergoing a rapid expansion to become a universe we stand on today. A highly debated topic which attracts mankind from star gazers to astrophysicists, is their faults in space explorations.

Despite the amount of time spent on launching a rocket, the Apollo missions have inspired younger generation to do exceptionally well at school
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People are outraged by the amount of time, effort and funds invested to gain insufficient information, which appears to be useless for our planet, should the space program be defunded? Instead of fruitless endeavors like finding out if there are extraterrestrial lives in Mars. We should be deeply focusing on society; finding better ways to power humanity’s desire for energy and feeding the starving population around the globe. Alternatively, space exploration is a desire and if we put desire before our needs our society will not appear as developed as the the government has promoted it to be. For instance, “NASA’s FY 2011 budget of $17.5 billion to fund new science mission, ground flying telescope.” After all, what useful information have we been giving to provide evidence for life elsewhere in the universe. Space exploration critics would argue that it is not acceptable to invest in something such as exploring outer space when several people on our planet are unable to meet their basic needs. New inventions that had been sent to other planet also create wastes in which it cannot be destroy, thus not only we are destroying Earth but we are also trashing our neighbouring planet. Space agencies would need to employed more people to reach their goals and the consequences of launching these inventions into space will double the …show more content…
Not just money is required but, commitments, efforts and time. For average engineering degree, the tuition fee is $45,480 per year (Stanford University) which is roughly about 90% of the average household income of $50,500. Therefore, it is as equally hard to get in as it is paying for it. Since the space age began NASA has lost 17 of its astronauts in three space crashes and Russia four cosmonauts. Thus, space exploration risks human lives. Health risks also need to be taken into consideration for example; being exposed to background microwaves radiation in space could cause body and bone lost. The living condition in the space can reach to an extreme level which makes life in the outer zone difficult to survive. Using robot instead of human can reduce the danger but technology costs need to be obtained. If we work as a team; this is likely to help reduce the cost and risk of lives being tear

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