Persuasive Essay On The Space Race

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After World War II, America and other countries became interested in technology advancement and stayed away from war as much as possible. When rumors spread that countries are making nuclear bombs, everyone wanted to be informed if it 's true or not. Then, America came up with the idea of the satellite. This way, countries could watch and see what others are doing. The only problem was, it would have to go into Earths orbit.Which led to many other ideas. Such as going to the moon. When the Soviets heard about this, they were angered of the thought of a satellite. With the equipment to put objects in space, you could launch missiles to the other side of Earth and take out any country in sight. Instead of destroying everything and everyone you could use the technology for the greater good. The Soviets surprised everyone when they were quick to put an object in earths orbit. This was the beginning of a friendly competition. The Space Race. This helped show America all the possibilities and technological advancements that …show more content…
When John F. Kennedy became president on November 8, 1960, he knew something had to be done about the Space Race. Kennedy would have to ask for a tremendous amount of money. He thought that it should be a goal to be on the moon. As John F. Kennedy stated, " this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth." Everyone would have to agree and help make the deadline. Not only does The National Aeronautics and Space Administration have to, but the people as a whole would have to join in for support. The only shot to stay into the race was to make a human land on the moon before the Soviets. This put a strain on NASA. A lot of people were counting on them to make this happen. It could be one of the biggest explorations in the history of the human race. ("Space program

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