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  • The Pros And Cons Of Save Animals For Animals

    to take part it in rasing animals for food. 4H and FFA is a program set up by the U.S Department of Agirculture orignially in rual areas to help young people become productive citzens by instructing them in useful skills. People beilve that children raising an animal to be slaughtered is wrong. The pros to having programs like this is that it gives children knowledge about agriculture, work ethic, knowledge and care of animals, and responsablities. There are cons to having programs like this is that it could be sad for some kids to be given an animal that they will grow a attachment to and then have to give it away to be killed. I did…

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  • Fear In The Goosebumps Series By R. L. Stine

    No one dares to question fear or move when you stare at the dark corners of our room, knowing for sure that something moved. But amazingly enough, fear can drive you to survive. Everyone must find a way to see the danger in their lives and allow themselves to continue on with it. The more people I see and work with and the more people I read about in books, the more I see that I has reason to fear. Though these thoughts could cripple me and force me to lock myself inside, I’ve had a…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Save Animals

    affected countless of animals “Whether it 's tigers, pandas, California condors or coral reefs, much of the world 's wildlife is under threat. It 's initially upsetting, and eventually just numbing” (Marshall, Michael). As it can be seen here, there’s a tragedy that is happening and no one is doing anything to help these creatures. For over many years the count of animals has been falling and there seems to be no support of any kind to protect them. The huge fault for the decrease of animals…

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  • Example Of True Heros

    “True hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred” (Dalai Lama). For example a hero has to not hate people and see the good in people and not just the bad in everything. Moreover, people who usually hold in their anger until someone pushes them over the edge really. Far then they usually get mad but most heros . Although a hero is someone who does something to protect another person or animal. What is a hero a hero is someone in my opinion who does something heroic or past…

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  • Frozen Movie Essay

    begins to grow extremely ill and minute by minute getting colder and colder. One more musical number and finding out a solution to her progressing problem, Anna is rushed back to Arendale by Kristoff to find out the act of true love that she tough would save her life wasn’t so true after all and only wanted to steal the throne for his own selfish needs. Realizing the mistake he made, Kristoff turns around to save Anna, but it’s too late. After running into a blizzard set off by her sister anger,…

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  • The Invention Of Earle Dickinson's Band-AID

    if i can't then i feel like I could have done more. If I'm ever not their to help them, at least Band-AIDS can protect them and help them from injuries. The Band-AID was originally made for loved ones. Band-AIDS can save multiple lives of strangers, but when Band-AIDS save a loved ones life, it makes you feel a whole lot better. When we think of the lives we save using Band-AIDS, a lot of the percentage goes to people who serve in our country. Band-AIDS help so many soldiers and officers in…

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  • How Ponyboy Saved Himself Essay

    How Ponyboy Saved Himself What if an essay could save a person’s life? This happened to the character Ponyboy in the book The Outsiders which was written by S.E. Hinton. Ponyboy is in a gang of greasers who are people who are not very accepted by society because they do not have very much money and they do not always follow the law. They have a lot of conflicts with a group called the Socials, Socs for short. One day Johnny has to Save Ponyboy from the Socs by killing one. After running from…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Save Animals

    Let’s save some animals One day me and my friend Griffin were walking down the street to the grocery store. When we were walking i heard something and i asked Griffin “Hey did you hear that” and she said “no” so we decided to look around then i heard it again but this time it was louder, but i still could not find where the sound was coming from, then i saw it it was orange and yellow and white and it was in some of the bushes. When i looked harder i saw a face some ears and a cute tail, so i…

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  • Animals And Animals In Unlikely Heroes By Jennifer S. Holland

    Animals and humans both fall under on the mammal category and are located in the same kingdom. In the book, “Unlikely Heroes” by Jennifer S. Holland, people around the world share their stories of how an animal saved their life. There are many different short stories, but the rest are also stories of animals rescuing other animals. Whether it’s a dog saving a cat, fox, or llama, they are still amazing heroes that are not focused on what kind, color, or breed they are. Experimenting on a species…

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  • The Benefits Of Zoos

    as long as they have existed. It is exciting to go see the animals. People can feel the joy of spending time with family and friends while also experiencing the closeness of wild animals. It can create quite a rush and bring excitement to those peering through the animal’s habitat. There are many things that bring people to the zoo and many good deeds done by the zoo. However, there are also major welfare issues that needed to be addressed as well. People go to the zoo to for entertainment and…

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