The Similarities and Differences Between Dally and Johnny in The Outsiders Essay

  • Similarities Of Johnny And Dally

    Johnny and Dally: Different or Similar? How is it possible for two people who like each other so much to be so different? It is almost unheard of, but in SE Hinton’s novel The Outsiders this is quite common between two of the characters. Johnny and Dally are very good friends but enjoy very unrelated things. Johnny is very law abiding but Dally loves to break the rules. Johnny sees no point in fighting but fighting is Dally’s favorite thing to do. They are alike in some ways though. Johnny and Dally both have abusive parents at their houses, and they both place little value on their lives. Hence, Johnny Cade and Dally Winston have plenty of differences but also considerable similarities too. Johnny and Dally are alike in few ways. Both, Johnny and Dally, have rocky relationships with their parents. Therefore, they tend to sleep elsewhere, usually at the Curtis’ residence most of the time. Johnny has it worse at his house then Dally does. Johnny’s dad was really something else. “His father was always beating him up, and his mother ignored him, except when she was hacked off at something, and then you could hear her yelling at him clear down at our house”(12). This is why nobody in the gang dare lay a finger on Johnny, he is everybody’s…

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  • The Differentities And Similarities Of Dally And Johnny

    The Similarities and differences of Dally and Johnny How can people with two different lifestyles be friends? Friends are people who you can depend on all the time. Also friends are people who stay by your side. In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Dally and Johnny have similarities but share some differences. First of all one significant similarity that Johnny and Dally have is that their gang is their family. For example, Dally believes the gang is his family, For example “‘Now there were three of…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Dalsy And The Outsiders

    unlikely. Nevertheless, in the novel The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton, there are characters with opposite taste and opinion in everything. These two boys, Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston have their similarities as well differences. They both have vituperative homes and care very much for each other. Yet, their dissimilar personalities, and how they feel about the law keep them apart at times. Therefore, Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston have many differences and similarities in their lives. An…

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  • What Are Similarities Between Johnny And Dally

    Johnny and Dally, Different Characters With Similar Problems How can a character that is rough and mean and a character that is small and sensitive share some strong similarities? It seems unlikely that a tough hardened criminal would share have anything in common to a undersized kind child, but in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton there are two characters that fit those descriptions. Johnny Cade and Dally Winston are similar because they both have neglectful and abusive parents and place little…

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  • Differences And Morality In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

    could be no difference between them. Or, others may think that some people are so different that they could have nothing in common. In the book The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, Johnny and Dally have many similarities, yet have differences, too. Both Johnny and Dally live in an abusive environment and have parents that certainly do not care about them. Also, Dally and Johnny can relate to each other by their similarities, which makes them care about each other. While these two characters may seem…

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  • Similarities And Morality In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

    entirely identical. This is certainly the case with Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston from the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Johnny and Dally are in similar situations due to them both having neglectful parents and placing minimal value on their lives. Despite their similarities, Dally and Johnny have very different opinions on how Ponyboy should be and on the law itself. It is clear to see that Johnny Cade and Dally Winston are similar and dissimilar at the same time. One very important…

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  • Johnny Cade And Dallas Buchanan In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

    similar? This is the case with Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston from The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Though they are both at first glance, different, they are also very similar. One way that Johnny and Dally are similar is that they have abusive or neglectful parents. The second way they are similar is that they both care about each other. While the ways they are different is that Johnny is law-abiding while Dally is not, and Johnny is sensitive while Dally is mean and tough. Despite these plentiful…

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  • Similarities Between Johnny And Dally

    Johnny and Dally: Characters with Similar Problems yet Different Personalities How can two characters be so similar yet so different at the same time? The two characters, Johnny and Dally, from the novel The Outsiders by S.E Hinton have many similarities and many vast differences. Johnny and Dally are similar because they both have abusive parents and both do not have value in life. Despite these similarities, they also have differences such as Johnny follows all the rules and Dally simply…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Dally And Bob

    Dally and Bob: Different Characters with Similar Problems How can two people whose lives are so different have so much in common? How can a young man growing up with everything he could possibly want have anything in common with someone who has known only poverty and hardship his entire life? It seems impossible. However, in S. E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders, there are two such characters. Dally Winston and Bob Sheldon are similar because both enjoy fighting and have parents who do not…

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  • The Outsiders And The Outsiders By Francis Ford Coppola

    If we compare the novel of “The Outsiders” that was written by S.E.Hinton and the film that was produced by Francis Ford Coppola, there will be many similarities and differences. One of the major differences is the different treatments to express some major themes. For example, Conflict between different social classes, conflict between siblings, the definition of family and the coming of age and maturation of teenage boy. The conflict between different social classes is based on several…

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