Workplace Gender Equality Essay

  • Importance Of Gender Equality In The Workplace

    Over the years women have made great strides in the workplace, but inequality persists. Achieving gender equality is important for the workplace not only because it’s the moral thing to do, but also because it helps link our country’s overall economic performance to a high standard. The workplace gender equality helps improve the national productivity, and enhances the ability of companies to attract diverse talents and retain employees. Due to the gender discrimination history in the workplace in the United States, I was interested to educate myself more about what took place in the past and what women has gone through. In the book, “Gender Images in Public Administration: Legitimacy and the Administration State,” by Camilla Stivers, speaks thoroughly about how women gradually escape first class slavery and became the women they are today. After reading this book, “Gender Images in Public Administration,” it was interesting because as a public administration student planning to go into the workforce of Non-profit organization or private cooperation, I feel that gender plays a big role in how an organization or a company succeed. This book, "Gender Images In Public Administration,” examines how widely-held ideas about masculinity and femininity shapes the current images of the American public administrator in the field. The author starts off by providing the thesis, which illustrates, “This book is that image of professional expertise management, leadership, and public…

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  • Gender Equality In The Workplace Essay

    it illegal to discriminate an employee based on their gender or race. 50 years have gone by since that law was passed yet women and feminists everywhere are still fighting to gain rights that they were promised oh so long ago. It is 2016 and women who work the same job as men, are paid 20% less than their male counterpart. It is very evident that the gender gap is real and so is discrimination towards women in the workplace, but there is not enough being done about it. Take it from Kristen…

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  • Gender Equality In The Workplace

    Gender equality has never been just a problem the generation before us went through. It’s a problem everyone all goes through. Throughout humanity, the woman is seen as the homemaker and the man is seen as the worker. Nobody was to be thought of as anything else. The human race has always looked at it like that, even back when humans were primates. But as time progresses women want a change. Women see themselves as equal to men in the workplace and any other place. They know that they are just…

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  • Gender Equality And Gender Inequality In The Workplace

    Feminism is a movement promoting the equality of men and women in all spheres of society. The first major wave of feminism took place in the nineteenth and early twentieth century and is still occurring today. Some argue that gender equality has been achieved at the beginning of the twenty-first century and women are no longer disadvantaged when compared to men. This is argued because women now occupy powerful positions in politics and have equal opportunity to vote, own property, with jobs, and…

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  • The Importance Of Gender Equality In The Workplace

    comes to gender equality in the workplace. Although the pay scale for women vs. men has steadily increased over the years, women still make only about 80% of what their male counterparts earn. The United States also ranks 20th out of 142 countries in regards to gender equality in the workplace base on the World Economic Forum (2014). This gap could be reduced in the United States by addressing the issue head-on by implementing stricter Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines, as well as…

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  • Gender Equality In The Labor Market And The Workplace

    Although a common assumption is that women and men are equal in terms of labor market and the workplace, the reality is that while women have improved economic opportunities, the point in which men and women are equal has not been reached . There are elements that contribute to the disparity between men and women’s experience in regards to their occupations in the labor market, such as wage differences, limited job occupations, and advantages based on gender. Despite the attempt at equality in…

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  • Women, Equality, And Gender Obsequality In The Workplace

    An issue women are still facing today is equality in the workplace. Although women have come far with the help of feminism notions such as the glass ceilings, horizontal segregation and gender wage gap prevent them from moving forward or reaching total equality. This problem stems from the preexisting prejudice of gender and race. From a young age children have been conditioned to act and behave a certain way and along with these conditions are the gender roles imposed on them from birth. The…

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  • Gender Discrimination Of Women And Gender Equality In The Workplace

    According to The New Webster 's Dictionary, the term justice means, righteousness; equitableness; lawfulness. When thinking about gender equality, justice may feel like an illusion, especially for women. Although, our current time period seems to be the highpoint for feminism, it doesn 't feel authentic for many. Despite all that feminists have fought for in equal rights over the years, women are still getting raped, trafficked, discriminated against and violated. In the workplace, women are…

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  • The Challenges Of Gender Inequality In The Workplace

    Introduction Gender inequality in the workplace has continued to be a contentious issue. Increased government policies in the US and across the globe aiming at increasing transparency around pay and calling out for more women in the company boardrooms are in play. Gender discrimination was highlighted in a series of high-profile lawsuits. Data from a 1998 census revealed that women made 73 cents per dollar paid to men; this has been the case until today where there is a great discrepancy in…

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  • Gender Inequality In Technology

    huge contribution in the fight for gender equality for women in technology. The brave women who dared to challenge the status quo by writing together to address the issue of gender inequality in technology were Divya Manian, Jessica Dillon, Sabrina Majeed, Joanne McNeil, Sara J. Chipps, Kay Li, Ellen Chisa, Angelina Fabbro, and Jennifer Brook2. Not only did this group of women stand in unity to produce a written open letter on feminism in technology to reach out to the public for help in…

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