Ceiling Glass: Gender Equality In The Workplace

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Context Card
Subject: Gender Equality in the Work Place
Audience: Women my age, 18-23, College students. Women who have families and careers in the work place.
Writing Situation: An evaluation of the “Ceiling Glass”. An essay in a college magazine.
Thesis: In American today there is no “glass ceiling” for women. We have seen women reach higher job positions. This was done by using education and encouraging women to be ambitious. A woman can have both a successful career and a thriving personal life. Women now have rights in place to protect them from work place discrimination.
Tone: Fairly formal, analytic and persuasive

I no longer believe that women have a glass ceiling. Many women are reaching towards higher positions in their careers.
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For a long time, women who were qualified for a position would be overlooked. The job would go to a man who was not qualified. The laws have made it illegal to overlook women for any job. Another hurdle was how women would be treated after they get these positions. They would have to endure sexual harassment in silence. That was a huge barrier holding women back. These barriers no longer stand in today’s work place. Women can report all incidents to a supervisor. This allows women to work in a comfortable environment. To work in any position, they …show more content…
In today’s society women now have more rights in the workplace where they have choices. The salary of a woman is still not balanced to the depth of a man’s salary but there has been improvement shown in the workplace.
There are still myths about the abilities of a woman verses the abilities of a man. Women are still passionate about their families and their careers. Many women have overcome these stereotypes and surpassed these myths. The women in my life have given me hope and the belief that I can fulfill any dream that I wish to accomplish in life. In my household my mom and dad are employed, and they share the responsibilities of nurturing the children.
The mentorship of ambition has helped me stay the course. It has challenged me to make opportunities happen for myself. To not sit and wait to have something handed to me. Most of it has given me resilience. The glass ceiling may have shattered but the structure still stands. Resilience allows me to see there are still barriers but know without a doubt I will overcome them. The glass ceiling was women seeing the possibility to advance but not being able to. Today women not only know it is possible but it is something we have

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