Academic Pressure on Students Essay

  • The Causes And Effects Of Academic Cheating In High School

    School can be stressful and overwhelming to student regardless of the academic level. Many students, who abandon the idea of studying, can succumb to the method of academic cheating. Academic cheating is a problem. Young adults, especially in high school, will or have already cheated, “In a survey of 24,000 students at 70 high schools, Donald McCabe (Rutgers University) found that 64 percent of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58 percent admitted to plagiarism and 95 percent said they participated in some form of cheating, whether it was on a test, plagiarism, or copying homework” (Facts & Stats). Rajani Dahiya and Dr. Sarita, a Research Scholar and an Assistant Professor-II in the Department of Education at M.D.U., both state that…

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  • Effects Of Stress On International Students

    Does the huge amount of money spent on international students causes them academic stress Most often when I see my fellow international students, when I ask them how classes are going, the response I often hear is that, they have so many papers to turn in. The problem is not the number of assignments, but they pressure to turn in a perfect assignment t get good grades. I say to myself must we be under this pressure at all times? This is not how school life should be, constantly under stress…

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  • Academic Bullying In Stephanie Ericson's The Ways We Lie

    how we as humans justify lying to big institutions for our self-benefit. An ever-growing branch of this form of lying includes academic dishonesty. In today’s society, schools praise GPA and grades rather than student progress, prompting students to feel the external pressure of meeting these expectations. Rather than appraising students based on growth, schools admire the top students, unknowingly encouraging them to cheat for the top grades instead of learning for their own improvement. The…

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  • High Grades Stress

    As any student knows, grades are reflective of their accomplishments in a given class. However, grades mean much more to students than whether they know the material or not. Grades mean whether or not someone will get into their college of choice, whether or not they have to retake that class they had failed as a result of an emotional semester, whether or not they are hired for a position against someone who graduated with a higher grade-point average (GPA). Students are under more duress than…

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  • Causes Of Academic Dishonesty In International Students

    There is no denying that academic dishonesty is a problem in University’s education. As the education system is moving deeper into the informational age, plagiarism and cheating in general are getting easier and more complicated. It is, however, even more difficult for international students. While the percentage of cheating for domestic students in UC Davis is 2.6%, international students have a sizable 11.8% of them who cheat. This demonstrates that International students are five times more…

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  • The Challenges Of College Pressures

    College Pressures Sweaty palms, dry mouth, and broken words are nervous attributes that many students all across college campuses feel on their first few days of classes. In some sense, it is a new world, a new adventure opening doors to their dreams and potential careers. Yet those dreams are sometimes overshadowed by challenges, identified as college pressures. Students facing these college pressures are overwhelmed and are struggling to adjust to a new lifestyle. With so many…

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  • Parental Pressure Essay

    Chinese American Students Experience High Parental Pressure According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Chinese Americans are the largest ethnic group of Asian demographic in the United States. Their population has been increasing tremendously by 37.9% in this decade (Hoeffel 15). Being one of the largest ethnic group in the United States, their presence has significant impacts on various aspects that relate to the overall development of the country, these include but are not limited to…

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  • Stress Effects

    stroll at the park; we humans are constantly feeling the pressure of stress. However, not everyone experiences the same form of stress. There are many different types of stress such as: psychical stress, mental stress, emotional stress, and much more. Just as there are many forms of stress there are even many more causes of stress. These can result from pressures at work, economic or financial pressures, marital pressures, drug or alcohol abuse, peer pressure, bullying, academic, and…

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  • Ungraded Classroom Essay

    The academic achievement in current schools can be either streesfful for some students, or not challenging enough for others. By implementing ungraded classroom for out students many benefits can raise for the academic performance of our students. Allowing students to be placed in a classroom based on their performance rather than their age will help students learn at their leisure. The solution of implementing ungraded classroom will be allow students attend classes that are at there academic…

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  • Cliques In Society

    Adolescence is an extremely difficult stage in life. It’s a struggle of finding one’s self while being who society accepts with the constant peer pressure of being the person one’s friends would like them to be. Adding a clique into the mixture, just seems to make everything more difficult. One is faced with deciding who they will hang out with, as well as determining who they are not allowed to hang out with. What one is allowed to wear or even say is manipulated by who they associate…

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