Academic Pressure on Students Essay

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  • Advanced Placement-Advanced Pressures: Academic Dishonesty Among Elite High School Students

    activities and being involved in programs that force students to go above and beyond actually can have adverse effects on their development. The articles used to consider the negative side to extracurricular activities explored the pressures put on students in Advanced Placement…

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  • Academic Dishonesty In College Essay

    School can be stressful and overwhelming to student regardless of the academic level. Many students, who abandon the idea of studying, can succumb to the method of academic cheating. Academic cheating is a problem. Young adults, especially in high school, will or have already cheated, “In a survey of 24,000 students at 70 high schools, Donald McCabe (Rutgers University) found that 64 percent of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58 percent admitted to plagiarism and 95 percent said they…

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  • Effects Of Academic Pressure

    Academic pressure can be defined as stress that ensues from the desire to succeed academically both put on yourself and from other external factors. Over the past few decades, the academic pressure placed put on students across America has increased by almost twenty percent. There is not just one particular reason for the spike in academic pressure, but rather a plethora of reasons that vary depending on the individuals. Differences in cultures create varying standards for how well students…

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  • Essay On Stress Among International Students

    Does the huge amount of money spent on international students causes them academic stress Most often when I see my fellow international students, when I ask them how classes are going, the response I often hear is that, they have so many papers to turn in. The problem is not the number of assignments, but they pressure to turn in a perfect assignment t get good grades. I say to myself must we be under this pressure at all times? This is not how school life should be, constantly under stress…

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  • Society Being Superhuman

    amazing you are at something rather than the effects of this pressure. Society's expectations, and pressure regarding academics effect teens by making poor life decisions, having them strive to be a perfectionist, or “superhuman”, and having risky health problems. Due to the academic pressure from society, teens tend to make poor life decisions. “Others may resort to cheating to make up for their lack of motivation or live up to the standard set up by older siblings or parents” (Sargunjot).…

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  • Hong Kong Student Suicide Case Study

    year, there were multiple cases of student suicide raised the public awareness about the issue in Hong Kong. By studying cases of student with suicidal ideation, the causations of the modern problems in Hong Kong are identified in this essay. Drawing on Wu Fei’s article, the similarity and difference of youth suicide (mainly student suicide) in Hong Kong and rural China will be discussed. First, the causes of youth suicide will be discussed. The main cause of student suicide in Hong Kong is…

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  • Academic Dishonesty In Stephanie Ericson's The Ways We Lie

    branch of this form of lying includes academic dishonesty. In today’s society, schools praise GPA and grades rather than student progress, prompting students to feel the external pressure of meeting these expectations. Rather than appraising students based on growth, schools admire the top students, unknowingly encouraging them to cheat for the top grades instead of learning for their own improvement. The education system has become extremely competitive, and a grade-oriented environment is…

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  • Benefits Of Peer Pressure Essay

    be applied towards the perception of peer pressure which has triggered varied responses amongst people. There has been a misconception in the way the term “pressure” is perceived, often associated with negativity and unpleasant matters. However, there is also the delightful aspect of peer pressure in which teenagers, especially a student, can conform and behave ‘like’ other members of a peer group, which is not necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, teenagers are capable of imitating the…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Cheating In College

    poorly kept secret among the student population. In college, cheating is a temptation that students must abstain from in order to receive the best possible education that they can. Taking the honest path will ultimately benefit students the most by practicing positive traits like honesty, and integrity. However, the pressure to succeed in a classroom setting has become so intense that some students have begun cheating for a variety of reasons. Although I have never cheated myself, I can honestly…

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  • Causes Of International Student Cheating Essay

    There is no denying that academic dishonesty is a problem in University’s education. As the education system is moving deeper into the informational age, plagiarism and cheating in general are getting easier and more complicated. It is, however, even more difficult for international students. While the percentage of cheating for domestic students in UC Davis is 2.6%, international students have a sizable 11.8% of them who cheat. This demonstrates that International students are five times more…

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