Cellphone Addiction Essay

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  • Cellphone Addiction

    infatuated their lives. One of the most widely used technology is the pocket-sized, personal computer, also known as the smartphone. Smartphones, or cellphones are in the hands of millions of people and there are those that seem attached to their phones twenty-four-seven. This attachment can be widely referred to as “cellphone addiction”, but the term, “addiction” has a negative connotation that is mainly used to describe substance addictions. Therefore, an excess of cellphone use that leads to an attachment or dependence can be accurately described as an obsession; cellphone obsession has contributed to conflicts…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Cellphone And Social Media Addiction

    Cellphone and Social Media addiction These years, the technology becomes more and more important, it became part of people 's life and bring us a lot of conveniences, but the rapid development of the technology have also made tons of problem. By the technology development, the social media apps got the chance to be popular, people start to use multiple apps to communicate with each other’s. The popularity of the cell phone and social media apps also bring some bad effect to the teenagers. There…

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  • Annotated Bibliography On Cellphone Addiction

    The article from CAPETIMES posted April 18, 2016 by: Ntando Makhubu, Cellphones addiction phobia increasing. This article is about how South Africa has been hit by a new wave of addiction in the instance, a failure to be separated from a smartphone. They use the word nomophobia stemmed from term, no mobile – phone phobia. It’s a psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of cell phone contact. In South Africa, a cell phone addiction has been labelled as an…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Cellphone Addiction

    Technology has been advancing little by little. Every time it advances something new comes out. It has positive outcomes as well as negative outcomes. Cellphone addiction is destroying human interactions. We don’t’ communicate by talking anymore, we use technology to communicate. When technology wasn’t around, we would wait weeks to get a response from the person we wanted to talk to. “Remember when people communicated with Europe by letter and it took a couple of weeks to get a reply?”…

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  • Michael Grothaus Cellphone Addiction Analysis

    and agitated moment as he began to write about and experience for a week not having the most essential technology that everybody uses in their daily lives. The cellphone, Michael explains that he was having a hard time to even begin to write his daily article as he was getting distracted by his cell phone (something I do as well along with some other who may be reading this!). With this said, he goes for a whole week without his cell phone and explained through his article the experiences and…

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  • Influence Of Technology: A Double-Edged Weapon

    A Double-Edged Weapon Technology is the biggest influence in today’s society. Telephones, computers, and many other electronic devices are changing many person point of view. The easiest and most effective way to research any information is sitting in front of a computer or any electronic devices and just clicking a keyboard key. Technology is helping the world obtain a better and more comfortable lifestyle by adding faster communication. However, the over dependency on technology causes…

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  • The Cause And Effects Of Addiction To The Internet

    rapidly with the vast information available. Through internet, information can be accessible by everyone all over the world. As a result, People spend too much time in front of computers, cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Internet can be used for education, online shopping, paying bills, and many more things. Consequently, people are becoming addicted to the internet, which can have a serious impact on a person mentality and physically if used in excess. Internet addiction is very…

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  • Morlocks And The Time Machine

    reliant to our own technology, like cellphones. We rely on drugs for almost every illness. For the Eloi of today’s society everything is being given to us on a plate. The Eloi of our society are dependent on our own technology. We use it to from filing taxes to turning on the lights. One example of this dependence is phones. You see them almost…

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  • Comfort From Behind A Screen Analysis

    I myself have shared my fair share of negative posts, a year ago my brother was in the middle of a trail facing 8 years in prison. I thought I was unable to even stomach the idea of sitting on the hard wooden bench watching my brother plead guilty to multiple charges which will land him in prison. So, I leaned onto my fellow siblings, I shared my story and my concerns; and I was surrounded by support and love. Through a small square device, my cellphone I had hundreds of people just like me…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Addiction By Steve Jobs

    negative consequences that can arise with overusing electronics is addiction. Addiction is defined as the compulsive need to participate in an activity; in this case it relates to using technology obsessively. These addicted users are glued to their devices, feeling lost without them. Steve Jobs and technology experts alike know how harmful these devices can be, as users claim they…

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