Mona Lisa Essay

  • Why Is Mona Lisa Famous

    Mona Lisa, who was she? Why is the painting of her so famous? Has the original production enhanced because of her fame, and how do advertisers use her fame for themselves? All of these questions deserve an answer. I would like to try and explain my beliefs behind Mona Lisa’s fame, the enhancement/diminishment of the original, and how contemporary advertisers use her image. What is the primary reason for the rise in fame of the Mona Lisa, is it her smile or was it the fact that the masterpiece was stolen? I believe that her mysterious smile and Mona Lisa’s following eyes painted in the picture have a lot of significance behind her fame. When I look at this painting I wonder why, like many would, how do her eyes follow me wherever I stand to look at the picture? Leonardo Da Vinci captures a beauty in his artwork that is not about perfect qualities of a female, but the characteristics that intrigue a viewer. Why does she smile like this, why does she sit so proud, and what does the scene depict. These are all questions that I’m sure many people have. These questions have never truly been answered and I assume that is why people from all around the world travel to see the painting, around 6 million a year according to an article written in the International Business Times. I think that the painting also received a great amount of fame after it was stolen from its museum for the first time in 1911. After it was recovered it was put behind bullet proof glass and guarded with its…

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  • The Importance Of The Mona Lisa

    The Mona Lisa is one of the famous world-renown paintings in our era today. One reason why people say the Mona Lisa is famous is because many people are fascinated by the mysteriousness the woman in the portrait displays. I never understood why Mona Lisa why? But I did some research and I found out back in the day around the 1850’s to the 19th century the Mona Lisa was not the most famous painting in the world. Paintings made by Raphael were much more popular than any other paintings during…

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  • Mona Lisa Visual Analysis

    In light of John Searle’s claim that the Background plays an important role in determining the content of a visual perception, two people can view the same Mona Lisa painting and have non-identical visual experiences. Even if they have equal mental and physical functions, are equally distanced from the painting, and are standing in the same angle in respect to the painting, the visual experience for two people is unique to each individual because the ability to interpret and generate meaning…

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  • Importance Of Mona Lisa

    Imagine the Mona Lisa, one of Leonardo da Vinci most acclaimed works, hanging in every museum around the world. Given the recent technological advancements in 3-D printing we are now able to recreate works of art that are physically indistinguishable from the original works. Our capacity to replicate art has changed. Some praise these advancements as proof of the extent of our creativity. Whereas others feel a bit uneasy when it comes to making something of this “one-of-a-kind” nature…

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  • The Da Lisa And The Mona Lisa By Leonardo Da Vinci

    art. Artwork like, “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci demonstrate the desire of artists to re-examine everyday truths through their interpretation of new artwork [History]. The Mona Lisa represents the epitome of artwork throughout history providing a springboard for people to question their assumptions. Throughout the ages the Mona Lisa has stood as a symbol of art, never fully known, mysterious, and it always left the viewer wanting more. Doing just what art should, providing a nexus point to…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci: The Da Lisa And The Mona Lisa

    painting, as many know, is the Mona Lisa. It is a portrait of a captivating young woman named Lisa Gherardini. Her husband, Francesco Del Giocondo, had requested for da Vinci to paint his wife in celebration of both their new home and the birth of their second son. Interestingly enough, however, Giocondo never actually received the painting he had commissioned da Vinci to do; da Vinci was a rigorous when it came to his artwork, and he was always seeking perfection. When it came to the Mona Lisa,…

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  • The Place Of The Mona Lisa In The Italian Renaissance

    The Mona Lisa has fascinated and inspired painters, poets, scientists, singers, psychologists since its inception, even though so little is known with certainty about this painting. The mystery around the Mona Lisa feeds the imagination of many . So, it is not surprising that millions of people visit the Louvre in Paris every year to glance at this famous portrait realised by Leonardo Da Vinci between probably 1503 and 1506 . In the face of its well-established fame of today, it is…

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  • Gender Issues In Mona Lisa Smile

    For many years, women’s issues and rights have been a topic of discussion and debate throughout the world. As time progresses, new issues emerge and are addressed at different levels within society. Although groups such as women’s rights activists, policy makers, and the general community have a large impact on spreading messages about women’s issues, portrayal of controversial topics have been depicted in popular films and other media sources. For the purposes of this analysis, I will reflect…

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  • The Interpretation Of The Mona Lisa By Leonardo Da Vinci

    With his work ranging from paintings to statues, including the statue of David, the last judgement painting, and his amazing works in the Sistine Chapel. His most notable painting is in that very chapel, the Creation of Adam. Many scholars have put Michelangelo’s painting at the same level of importance and value as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. With the rare and grand display of significance, it is a highly talked about amongst many historians and scholars, even today. The Creation of…

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  • The Art Of Leonardo Da Vinci: Mona Lisa

    Vinci: Mona Lisa Florentine artist Leonardo da Vinci was known as a creative genius. One of his most famous paintings that is still surviving is his portrait Mona Lisa. She was known as La Gioconda, the wife of a merchant, Francesco del Giocondo; the painting is in three-quarter view and she is seated on a stone balcony (Fiero 198). Mona Lisa is not abstract but is lifelike and realistic. The viewer can see the whole upper torso of her body placed. She is in an elegant green mossy flow fit…

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