Mona Lisa Analysis

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Visual Arts: Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa Florentine artist Leonardo da Vinci was known as a creative genius. One of his most famous paintings that is still surviving is his portrait Mona Lisa. She was known as La Gioconda, the wife of a merchant, Francesco del Giocondo; the painting is in three-quarter view and she is seated on a stone balcony (Fiero 198). Mona Lisa is not abstract but is lifelike and realistic. The viewer can see the whole upper torso of her body placed. She is in an elegant green mossy flow fit dress. The painting is a lady who appears to be mid-late 20s. Mona Lisa’s portrait appears to be a genre scene of her sitting outside on a balcony. In the landscape, viewers can see trees, rocks, mountains and a lake in the background. …show more content…
This painting is known to be historical for several reasons. The way Mona Lisa is positioned outside shows the background of a winding road and a bridge. The landscape becomes an abandoned space of rocks and water which stretches to the horizon. Back in those days, people were rarely painted outside. Also, her smile is melancholic and mocking (Fiero 198). People were unsure if the subject was happy or misleading. The smile of Mona Lisa creates an atmosphere of questions. This is what makes the painting widely controversial after so many years. But the smirk of Mona Lisa became the central idea of the portrait. The depiction is not a full landscape, but it has a landscape in the background.
The portrait of Mona Lisa could be telling a story. People can see a woman looking straight in their eyes like she wants to tell me something but she is unsure, creating the mysterious outlook on the whole painting. Mona Lisa doesn’t look troubled, though, she looks playful. The subject is wearing a black veil over her hair, not her face. The veil could be a representation of many things, but the first thing that came to mind could be a symbolism of her marriage or it could be death. As the viewers looks at
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The viewer could tell she might be wealthy with the style of dress she had on making her appear graceful. The painting creates confusion because the spectator does not know why da Vinci chose this woman or what she represented. The part of the painting I found confusing was her smile because it made her looks mischievous. Nonetheless, what I found beautiful about the portrait was the way da Vinci placed the veil on the top of Mona Lisa’s head. He is generating questions on why she might be wearing such item. I believe the artist intended for the picture to be different because female portraits were rarely done in those days, and she was looking directly at the audience with a landscape background. The point of the painting might be political creating women to look empowering, as then are slowly becoming equal to men. She is looking directly into the viewer 's eyes creating an atmosphere of

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