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  • Free Blacks In The North Dbq

    Being a free black in the North wasn't all that easy. The Northern states consisted of; Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Arid the 1860’s the Northern population of free blacks was 221,000 and the population of the free blacks in the South was 250,000 that was a drastic difference especially because the south was where all the slaves lived. Socially, politically, and economically the free blacks in the north had many restrictions. Free blacks in the North had many restrictions economically. “ Shall I be a mechanic? No one will employ me; white boys won't work with me.( Doc. C).” The blacks have been educated now that they’re free but can't apply for an occupation that they wish for, simply…

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  • Humans Are Morally Responsible For Their Actions Essay

    they lack the free will to choose as Frankfurt contended. Throughout this paper, I will discuss points supporting my thesis, reasons to believe it is valid, examples supporting my opinion, and reasons I believe this is true. Human beings are morally responsible for their actions despite whether or not they can make choices freely. To begin if determinism is…

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  • Harry Frankfurt's Argumentative Analysis

    about this concept of the existence of free will and having moral responsibility. Furthermore, there are those philosophers that do not question free will, but rather the idea of being help morally responsible for an action. In this essay we will discuss free will, the Principle of Alternative Possibilities and Harry Frankfurt’s argument against it. The idea behind the Principle of Alternative Possibilities is that, “An action is free in the sense required for moral responsibility only if the…

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  • The Déja Vu: Fate Or Free Will?

    that remind us of the exact thing we have already gone through. While others believe their future is determined by their freedom of choice, the phenomenon of Déjà vu exists as predetermined fate. Like an unknown source once said, “Déjà vu is the minds way of letting you know that you are in the right place at the right place.” Marriam-webster defines free will as, “freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by…

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  • Moral Responsibility And Determinism

    philosophers. Moral responsibility and free will are tightly intertwined, making the argument slightly more complicated. Free will is defined in two ways: 1. open choice, which states you choose x freely only if you could have done otherwise, or 2. voluntary choice, which states you act freely if and only if you act voluntarily, without coercion or constraint. Determinism is defined: past events and the laws of nature fully determine every fact of the future so that there is one way the future…

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  • The Disembodied Voice Of A. J Ayer Character Analysis

    Voice 1: ...and therein our problem lies, free will exists. It is your fault that you chose to talk to me about this. Voice 2: No, no, no. All of our actions were determined beforehand because of the natural order of things. This conversation exists because of previous causes, and the causes had causes, and so on. Free will does not exit. Voice 1: I cannot bring myself to believe in such a thing. Obviously, there are multiple choices to make at any given moment and all the decision making…

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  • Difference Between Soft Determinism And Libertarianism

    The philosophical question of free will has been debated for years and has spawned many theories, papers and never ending arguments. Soft determinism along side with hard determinism and libertarianism make up the three theories of free will.By focusing on the works of Stace and Cahn, I aim to prove that the idea of soft determinism is not an inherently flawed argument and that free will and determinism are compatible. In the argument of free will, soft determinism falls in the middle between…

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  • Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

    Des Moines, the Court found that the First Amendment protected the right of high school students to wear black armband in a public high school, as a form of protest against the Vietnam War. The court ruled that this symbolic speech—“closely akin to pure speech”—could only be prohibited by school administrators if they could show that it would cause a substantial disruption of the school’s educational mission.” With all the restrictions put on children in school on what they can say and what they…

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  • Plantinga's Argument Analysis

    It was interesting listeng to these videos, I did find Plantinga, to have a strong argument. I do know this is speculative, but hearing him out and assesing what was said, I thought his way was possible in explaining what we cannot. If God is so grandeous and supreme, whos goodness surpasses our understanding. Would allow such evil? Is God evil for allowing this? I think from the argument he conveys would be no, if freewill is the driving force would it be wrong to assume that we could turn our…

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  • Free Will And Determinism: A Comparative Analysis

    There is a huge issue on how to evaluate human behavior. People have narrowed it down to Free Will, which means people are responsible for their own actions” and Determinism meaning the environment and the occasion will affect one’s actions. The main issue is choosing one to explain human behavior. The dispute between these ideas can be seen in black or white, meaning some believe in the absolute definition of free will and determinism, while some believe in bits and parts from both concepts.…

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