Mission Schools Essay

  • The Importance Of School Mission

    important parts of the school. We will create an environment where we can learn together and support each other. *The school mission statement is not completely aligned with the district mission statement. The school mission does not describe an environment that is safe, caring, or rigorous. The mission does not include community partnership. Members of the committee will refine the mission statement to include alignment with the district mission. -Determine core values and beliefs- “X” Marks the spot activity “Values and beliefs are an extremely important place to start the visioning process” (Bernhardt, 2002 p. 104). The principal led a values and beliefs activity that posed the question, “what do you believe about curriculum, instruction,…

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  • Mission Vision Values And Goals In School

    A fully functioning PLC would include teachers, parents, administrators, support staff, and community members all working together to ensure student success. When schools function as a PLC the stakeholders believe that all students can achieve at a high level and it is the collective responsibility of all to achieve this goal. All stakeholders make sure resources are used in a responsible way, supporting the mission vision, value and goals. The group functions around a mission, vision, value…

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  • What Is Ehrhardt Middle School Mission Statement

    The mission statement of Bamberg-Ehrhardt Middle School is, “In partnership with home and community, is to provide effective educational experiences for diverse learners in a caring environment that lead to increased student achievement and a successful transition to high school.” Bamberg-Ehrhardt Middle school consists of grades 7 through 8 with 213 students-- 54% Male, 46% female, 55% African American, 43% White, and 1% Other. Bamberg County Census poverty is 27%. All school districts in…

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  • Reflection On How To Change A School Mission And Vision

    In order to change a schools mission and vision you must first determine if the mission and vision are not accurate or well suited to the population it serves. On must first look at the culture of the school to make this determination. For better or for worse, culture influences much of what is thought, said, and done in a school (Sergiovanni, pg.23). The first step would be to ask teachers and staff to describe the actual culture of the school, and what they want it to be. Using a list of 2-3…

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  • The Mission Of American Catholic Schools Case Study

    The Mission of American Catholic Schools The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (2015) describes the mission of catholic schools as one where “the development of the whole person is addressed, through spiritual and academic formation based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” It is incumbent on all Catholic schools to instruct children on their responsibility, as members of society as well as members of a faith community, “to contribute to the common good by becoming active and caring…

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  • Our Lady Of The Mission School Case Study

    control the school? Principal Sitzer should not have been given free rein to control her school. While she stepped into her position and helped the short-term goal of making improvements at Our Lady of the Mission School and keeping the doors open, the long-term effects of her dictatorship and bureaucratic approach to her position might actually cost more to the school and faith community in the long run. As a Catholic school, it is a part of our mission to not only meet the needs of our…

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  • Middle School Mission, Vision, And Resistance To Change

    moving forward in changing from a junior high philosophy to a middle school philosophy the first step that needs to be done, as a team, is creating a mission and a vision statement. A successful leader can participate; collaborate with anyone experiencing the change and get groups of people to work together in attaining a mission and vision statement. Using a collaborative leadership style…

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  • The Importance Of My Experience At Mission High School

    Last year, I attended Mission high school and learned many things throughout my four years of school. There were many resources that I was able to take advantage of to help me learn. For example, the technology that was offered to us make learning easier and more enjoyable. Although, there were also many things I wish I could have changed. Such as dress code, school food, and the school length period. One of the biggest problems I faced while in high-school was the school food we…

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  • Counseling Philosophy And Mission Statement For A Professional School Counselor

    our diverse world. Professional school counselors are educators who share in this great task by designing and implementing comprehensive, developmental school counseling programs that champion the success of all students; however, the school counselor must first take the time to have clarity about their school counseling philosophy and mission statement for the school counseling program. In this paper, it is my hope to clearly articulate my school counseling philosophy, as well as my personal…

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  • School Mission And Core Values And Goals For Student Leadership

    When determining if a school has the same values and beliefs as myself, I look at the school vision and mission. My number one goal is to support student learning. If the school’s vision and mission supports student learning that is a step in the right direction. Student achievement is very important to me as an educator. I know and understand that I help to work at a school that supports students in every way. I want to make sure the school I’ll be working for knows what is important when…

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