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  • Reasons For The Annexation Of The Philippines

    333 years Spain controlled the Philippines as of her colonial Empire. The Pilipino people made multiple attempts to free themselves. They failed. In January 1889 the USS Maine was ordered to Cuba to protect US interests. On February 16th 1889, shortly after her arrival, the USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor killing over 250 men. The US was quick to blame Spain for the explosion. US citizens were whipped into an Anti-Spanish hysteria. Despite President McKinley’s desire to avoid war, the yellow press continued to feed American Citizens anti Spanish news. Though President…

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  • Nick Joaquin: A Heritage Of Smallness By Nick Joaquin

    think small in any aspects. According to him, we can see this heritage of smallness in these three points: Commerce and Industry, Politics and Government, and History and Culture. In his essay, he mentioned the state of commerce and industry of the Philippines. Nowadays, there are many Filipinos that worked full-time in order to have something to eat for the day. They will do everything even though even if their life is at risk. Sadly, the work that they are doing just results to a small…

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  • Analysis Of The Spanish American War And Spanish-American Manhood

    The Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War have often been categorized as either where the United States went wrong and became an imperialist power or where it went right and exerted its right to protect and promote democratic values. Historically the literature about United States involvement in the Spanish-American War has been to commemorate 1898 as the moment in which the nation first projected itself as a world power. The year 1898 was a watershed moment in history, it has…

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  • Importance Of Hot Food In The Philippines

    In the Philippines, finding food in most areas has never been a true issue due to the diverse geography of the area and large waters. There are three seasons in the Philippines: a rainy monsoon season, which is followed by moderate temperatures, and finally a season of dry conditions. The rainy monsoon season begins in May or June and ends in October. Although this monsoon season can be damaging, it is necessary in order to grow crops such as rice. Next, the moderate temperatures last until late…

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  • Discrimination Of Child Labor In The Philippines

    This investigation resulted in a thirty- nine- page report by HRW that condemned the Philippine government for failing to protect children who are forced by poverty to work in small-scale gold mines and refocused international attention to the exploitation of child labor in the Philippines. (2016). they also took statistics and the number of children that are in the child labor is very outrageous. People need to open their eyes because that’s a lot of children working in these poor conditions…

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  • World War II: A Brief Analysis

    During World War II, some things changed, because there was a manual labor shortage and immigrants were demanded. The farming area raising alfalfa, flax, and other vital war crops seriously short of farm labor and the solution was to allow Mexicans to help. Henry Frauenfelder understood Mexican “help was absolutely necessary to harvest vitally essential war crops” and even wanted “deportation be stayed temporarily or until authority for legal entry can be secured”. Then congressional efforts…

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  • Duterte Sabotaging The Country Of The Philippines Case Study

    16th President of the Philippines, as what is described as a “landslide” victory with over 16 million votes (around 39% of total votes cast, more than 6 million votes ahead of his closest rival), both his actions and words has brought the Republic of the Philippines to the spotlight numerous times (Cruz, 2016). From comparing himself to Hitler, to cursing Obama “putangina” (literally means whore-mother, “figuratively” calling Obama “son of a bitch”), Duterte certainly made himself stand out from…

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  • Political Revolutions In The Philippines

    and the importance of respecting human rights, countries, like the Philippines, were able to overcome their ruthless leaders by generating nonviolent movements, eventually resulting in the end of communism. With the influence of the media and the Catholic Church, the Filipino community successfully eliminated the infamous dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, by relying on independent organizations such as JAJA and NAMFREL, and civil disobedience campaigns.…

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  • Effects Of Colonial Mentality

    dependent on its colonizers, since they were the ones who built the concept of a nation. In effect, the Philippines failed to see the underlying motives of these foreigners, which is to manipulate the country to be of aid to their own needs. This manipulation is materialized in the transnational companies entering the country and the basis of some of our laws and systems today, both to be discussed more thoroughly later on. The Philippines in recent times has also been negotiating with the…

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  • Summary Of Asia's Cauldron

    Encompassing 1.35 million square mile body of water, the South China Sea is becoming a cauldron in the world. The geopolitical analyst Robert D. Kaplan has formulated his book Asia’s Cauldron on this thesis. Asia's Cauldron sets some high goals for itself and mostly flourishes in presenting a holistic look at the competing economic and diplomatic interests of the nations along the South China Sea. The sea links the Indian Ocean with the western pacific being bounded by China in the north,…

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