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  • Advice Is Good Advice In William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'

    outlet of help. The aid which they receive comes in many forms, and the most common one of them is advice. People usually tend to have the misconception that advice can only be good however, this is not the case. In some circumstances, advice can lead to substantially worse predicaments instead of resolving situations. Author of the book ‘1001 things your mother told you’ Croft M. Pentz wrote, “If you listen too much to advice, you may wind up making other people 's mistakes”. In his play ‘Hamlet’ William Shakespeare uses numerous effective examples to put emphasis to the point that ‘no advice is good advice’. Firstly, Shakespeare used rhetoric to impose dominance on the fact that whenever people take advice from others, they start neglecting their own true feelings and act on the will of someone else. The advice given to Ophelia by her brother Laertes is a prime example of how advice can actually worsen…

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  • The Importance Of Advice In The Internet

    internet someone may ask? For no other reason than to search for good solid advice to get them through the situation or bind they are currently facing. Not only do people use the internet, but before this brilliant research tool was invented people actually conferred with each other for advice. Giving advice continues to be the main way people solve their problems when in tough situations. There are two kinds of people in this world; the kind that take advice from people and use it, and those…

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  • The Importance Of Oral Health Information

    When a clinician providing patient with oral health information, he focuses on what is important for each age group. Young people and children will need advice about consumption sweets and fizzy drinks or need to wear orthodontic appliance. Adults may need advice about alcohol consumption, smoking, oral health during pregnancy or wearing a gum shield for contact sports. While elderly will need advice about root surface caries, gum recession or denture care to prevent Candida stomatitis. There…

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  • Patience Is The Key To Good Writing

    On a rainy Thursday afternoon, I walk into the conference room where our class was supposed to be for Rachel Hadas’s visit. I asked myself, “what am I going to learn from her about writing?”. My expectations for her visit would be simpler advice, but as I listen to her, she gave me a few advices in a different way that I didn’t expect. After meeting her, my ways on how I write improved through her various advices. There were some advices Rachel Hadas gave me that could help me become a better…

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  • Examples Of Motherly Advice By Sarah Kay

    Motherly Advice Take it or leave it, we don’t have a choice either way they are going to shove it in our ear until we hear it like a broken record. Sarah Kay, a very inspirational poet, and August Alsina, a phenomenal R&B artist, both demonstrate motherly advice but from different perspectives. Kay’s poem, If I Should Have a Daughter…, is towards her daughter she does not yet have while Alsina’s lyrics in Mama is about him taking his mother’s advice. A mother’s advice can always come in handy…

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  • Family Relationships In Fish Cheeks: Why Are Family Trength?

    Many people consider family to be a very important and significant part of their lives. Our modern and mobile world makes it hard to maintain close family relationships. With practice and effort, we can not only maintain but build quite strong family relationships.The first chapter in the textbook Interface English, by John Green, forces the reader to come to a conclusion: Do family ties tangle or strengthen?” (5). Although, many people do believe family ties tangle, they really do not. Through…

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  • The Importance Of College Blogs

    there is a topic that you want to learn more about, then there are thousands of blogs out there that you can refer to. College freshmen are constantly trying to find advice and motivation to help them get through their first year of college. Blogs are a great option…

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  • The Reflection Of The Last Experience, By Randy Paausch

    through a time of struggle. He had shared some advice that he had gained throughout his life. Because of what he went through, he knew what good advice…

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  • Dunning-Deeper Effect: The Cruendless Changed By Chris Mccandless

    very confident that he would be able to live in Alaska alone and would not take anyones advice. Many individuals in the world are overly confident when talking about their jobs, sports, skills or activities they may do or have. The individual thinks they are way better than they really are, “the eponymous Dunning-Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias whereby people who are incompetent at something are unable to recognize their own incompetence. And not only do they…

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  • What Is The Tone Of Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

    story reflects a mother, who by her own past experiences of being a woman in her time and tradition, gives advice to her own daughter, to change her modern ways and views on society and their culture. It’s obvious to the readers that the mother is very traditional. For example, her mother explains traditional ways to cook their Caribbean dishes, most likely in ways in which she was taught. She tells her daughter “Cook pumpkin fritter in very hot sweet oil”(504), “Soak salt fish overnight before…

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