Importance Of Communication Skills For Customer Service

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 Communication Skills related to customer services
Communication skills when working in a customer service position, this skill about how to communicate with my customer by providing good customer service and giving what they want in the best way, this is a greater chance to increase my customer base and job satisfaction. This is good skills required me to have to build a working relationship by interacting with my customers in both a polite, confidence, respect and professional manner.
Strength, I think am good in communication skills because good to interact with people, I always talk honestly and polite to the people where I can make my customers trust me and quickly to understand what my customer want and likes, I can willing to make
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Strength, I think am good at researching where I can capture feedback and new idea by determined what my customer needs and able to provide new market tricks to expand my business.
Weakness, I think am lack experience this is my weakness its will be a big challenge to the competitors who have already experience in the same field. At the same time I really enjoy with this kind of business because I am the one who came with the idea and I will never stop acquiring new market tricks.

Management skills This is the main skill of the business that needed by being able to manage or monitory the business successfully by recommending for the better performance. If the business not well managed that will cause low productive and business will get loose. Good management skills this can be by having self-confidence and working hard this can help me to run the business
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To run the business successful it’s very important to manage the time because it greater opportunities to increase work productivity and also help to adjusting plans as they change (Anon., 2013).
Strength, I think am good in time management because I have clear goals and I know well how to manage my time to achieve my goals. I will divide my time due to the priority goals and at the same time I cannot ignore to arrange time to set with my team and listening to them to improve the quality of our services or products.
Weakness, I think my weakness in time management is concentrate in the first steps of my business because it will be big challenge to me. To manage my time under pressure I have to be patient and focus on achieving my goals at the exact time with less stress also scheduling specific time for each activity.
 Monitory business performance
Successful business management requires the process monitory of performance that helps you to understand how well your business in order planning work and setting expectation towards its goals and objective. Monitory business performance it help to improve time management and also increases productivity (McQuerre,

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