Medex Personal Statement

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As an Anethesiologist, I am constantly looking for oportunities that will further my education and make me more competitive. One such oportunity is the MedEx program.
I realize there is a need for more health care professionals who can assist military veterans. This came to my attention while speaking with a physician in Charleston, South Carolina. Seeing how stressful it was for the doctor and his team to keep up with the number of patients. This event helped me realize my passion for providing care. Consenquently, I want to serve as an anesthesiologist in the United States Air Force.
At MedEx, I hope to become exposed to the many specialties in medicine and gain more experience while working with patients and learning about patient care. The field of health care is a constantly growing field and I believe that my involvement in the MedEx program will prepare me for obstacles to come on my journey to healthcare. I hope my experience at MedEx will challenge me to enhance my critical thinking skills, build relationships, and further develop skills that will help me investigate problems and quickly come to solutions. I believe this program will help me acquire a better sense of what it means to become a medical doctor.
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I am adaptable to my surroundings, I can concentrate in stressful environments, and I can communicate effectively; I am able to clearly state what I need and am able to work efficiently and successfully within a team.
MedEx will allow me to expand and strengthen my knowledge of the medical field. An experience at MedEx will help me build a stong foundation to my goal of becoming an

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