Customer Service Communication

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Communication is the transfer of messages from one individual to another (Davies, 2016, slide 4). It is an effective usage of teamwork and delivery of customer service (Leonard, Graham & Bonacum, 2004). Thus, effective communication skills can positively impact a customer service relationship. This essay analyses the communication behaviour of the customer service representative (CSR). The paper, explains why the behaviour was inappropriate/ inadequate and how it had a negative impact on the customer service relationship. The essay also analyses the four different types of communication behaviours rapport, active listening, empathy and respect.

Rapport building can often be defined as the quality relationship between two people (Gremler &
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This was due to the observation of the customer shaking and crying, while the CSR assumed she took out a loan for a second honeymoon. This impacts the customer service relationship very badly and weak from the start, as it demonstrates no sign of effort from the CSR. This can be seen by the client as an inadequate attempt to communicate on the same level and can influence the client to end the customer service relationship with the company. Thus, impacting a negative effect on the customer service relationship. However, active listening can also persuade one’s …show more content…
However, the CSR placed little effort into the situation. This clearly indicates that the CSR had inadequate active listening skills. This made the client very nervous and anxious about whether or not she would obtain a loan from the bank. This establishes a negative impact on the customer service relationship. As research indicates that active listening is vital of a positive impact on customer service relationships. However, this communication behaviour also demonstrates little to no empathy towards the client’s

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