Warning Signs Of Bad Customer Service

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Many companies no longer spend money to give customer service training to employees and instead hire employees with little to no customer service experience which results in negative consequences. Companies give employees a written script and employees are left to learn skills and knowledge through trial and error. This has wreaked havoc on the customer service industry. Bad customer service is the failure to respond to customer inquiries and complaints about products or services. To combat these bad practices, learn how to get the customer service you deserve.

The Warning Signs of Bad Customer Service
The warning signs of bad customer service include being rude, yelling at a customer, hanging up the phone on an angry customer, transferring
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Be sure to acknowledge any good service that you receive and thank the company.

How to Receive a Refund for Bad Customer Service
View customer service as an ally instead of an enemy. Explain the problem that occurred in a calm manner, explain the reason for dissatisfaction and ask for a resolution. Then, negotiate until you get the result you desire. Be patient, polite and courteous even if you are angry or unhappy with the results; state your dissatisfaction calmly. Write down the first and last name and employee id if applicable of everyone you speak to along with the date and time. Write down what each person said. Do not accept a store gift card, store credit or store discount.

Most front-line employees do not have authority to offer a refund so ask to speak to a supervisor. However, it is best to use the chain of command when requesting a refund which shows the company that you are a good customer and that you respect company practices. Follow the chain of command by starting with the front line employee, then supervisor, store manager, then the corporate office as a last
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If the company does not respond within 15 days, file a complaint with the Federal Trade

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