Korean Pop Essay

  • The Influence Of Korean Pop Culture

    With the recent emerging popularity of Korean pop-culture among nations all around the globe, there has been a great increase in interest in South Korean culture outside of the realm of pop-culture. The South Korean Government, or more specifically, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), has been capitalizing on this interest with costly and colorful advertisements to increase travel to South Korea. One of their more recent projects is the webpage koreavisitsyou.com that features four videos as well as a section where Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts tagged with #koreavisitsyou, #koreatrip, #koreafood, #koreastyle, and #korealife are displayed. If someone tags a photo with one of these hashtags, they are also automatically entered into…

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  • The Influence Of Korean Pop Music

    1.0, which was led by Korean technology such as Samsung products, Hallyu 2.0 blossomed from the popularity and global spread of Korean dramas and Korean pop music. Korean pop music, more widely known as K-pop, has been a driving force in the Hallyu 2.0 wave since the late 1990s. The Korean idol pop aspect of K-pop, in which performers sing and dance simultaneously, has grown into an international phenomenon, winning the hearts of countless people, both native and foreign to South Korea. These…

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  • The Hallyu Wave Of Korean Pop Culture

    Hallyu wave of Korean pop culture, specifically K-pop and K-dramas have taken off throughout Latin America. Scholarship has recently conducted research on different aspects surrounding the landing of the Korean wave in Central and South America, and this paper will attempt to piece them together to create one cohesive narrative of the spread of Korean culture throughout the region. It will also somewhat focus on the countries of Peru and Brazil, where the effects of the Korean wave can be most…

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  • The Negative Effects Of The Korean Pop Culture

    Kpop—Korean pop culture—has globalized its popularity to different locations in the world. However, its effect on korean students is quite harmful. The famous girl groups such as Girl’s Generation are constantly on T.V, not to talk about their next debut, but on the topics of their weight, height, and diet. These 5’11, 90lbs walking chopsticks are always coming up with new “diet trends” that are creating horrifying eating disorders for all students alike. The infamous “sweet potato” diet…

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  • The Korean Wave Phenomenon

    was on the Korean wave. We chose to do our project on the Korean Wave because we wanted to learn about Korean Culture and why the Korean Wave was rising in popularity. What is the Korean Wave and why is is increasing in popularity? The Korean wave is about the increasing popularity of South Korean Culture around the world that started in 1997. The Korean wave started with the spread of Korean dramas across east, south and Southeast Asia and later became a global phenomenon after the creation of…

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  • Critical Analysis Of 200 Pound Beauty

    an attractive and famous pop star. The ghost singer goes as far as a failed suicide and finds plastic surgery the only remedy to her as-dramatized unfortunate life. While the overarching theme of the movie is to promote inner beauty, the viewer is influenced by the romanticized and oversimplified view of cosmetic surgery. In fact, Korea is the number one country for plastic surgeries performed per capita. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, one in five South…

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  • Effects Of Colorism In Korean Society

    Happiness: Colorism and Body Image K-pop and Korean Society Have you ever looked in the mirror and found things you are not happy about within your appearance? Now imagine you are a celebrity in South Korea and every one of your imperfections are pointed out by the public. Often times the pressure to fit the standard ‘westernized ' look becomes too much and idols cave and undergo the knife to look youthful and western with milky skin, double eyelids, and a sharp jawline. However, Korea 's…

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  • Hip Hop In South Korea

    coexist right besides K-pop? For Korean hip hop, the global rise of the K-pop industry was like placing the richest soil on the plain field for the genre to grow: The competitive atmosphere that K-pop industry created set a precedent for the success of hip hop in South Korea. To understand why hip hop culture is able to thrive in South Korea, we must first understand preexisting norms of the country. Entering in the 21st century, K-pop took not only the country, but the world by storm—a…

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  • Pop Music: My Love For K-Pop

    for K-Pop began years before Psy ever erupted onto the American pop music scene with his ever so popular song “Gangnam Style”. To be exact, I have been a long time fan of the genre for roughly seven years now and am still to this very day an avid listener and fan of K-Pop. As a young fourteen-year-old at the time, I remember wanting to search for new music to listen to and had discovered K-Pop music videos largely by accident by simply clicking on recommended videos on YouTube. One of the many…

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  • Pop Tarts Case Study

    countries (“A Whole World of Wholesome”). One popular treat that doubles as a breakfast and a snack food is the Pop Tart. Pop Tarts have been a top-selling product in the United States and are also popular in the other countries where they are available: Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, and the United Kingdom. Pop Tarts have proven to be the most successful in the United States, but it seems to be time to try them in a new environment that will be open to the highly American…

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