Korean Pop Culture Essay

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My popular culture “obsession” would be Korean popular culture. K-pop is and abbreviation of Korean pop, which is a music genre, originated from South Korea. K-pop can be a phenomenon, however, it can also be a subculture, where Asian pop would be the phenomenon and k-pop is the subculture. My interest began when I first heard K-pop songs while I was buying milk tea. Korean music is different from the music in America. In my opinion, the Korean artists have unique musical and performances styles, which are new and fresh compared to some American styles. For example, a famous band named 2AM will just stand on the stage and sing slow and emotional songs, while Rihanna, and Katy Perry all sing and dance. The reason 2AM performs this way is because …show more content…
The artist are rapidly expanding their market and winning over new fans. This is a good thing for Americans because they are exposed to different kind of music, making them feel like they’re being competed against, making them want to become a bigger and better pop star. As more and more Americans are exposed to Korean music, they will get to enjoy the Korean culture and experience something interesting and new. When I wasn’t a fan yet, I really didn’t like K-pop, thinking how people can be so crazy and obsessed over a boy or girl band. But when my friend showed me a music video called A.D.T.O.Y by 2PM, I was in love. The first 25 seconds of the video was enough to convert me into a 2PM fan and a K-pop fan in general. It soon led me into being obsessed with Korean dramas as well. I would finish a 30-episode drama in two and a half days. As Korean pop culture is becoming an increasingly globalized phenomenon and globally popular in many parts of the world allows South Korea to utilize its pop cultural sector to access, tap and break into foreign entertainment markets. All in all, I think we like K-pop because of their looks and how they sing. Some of the psychological needs and emotional needs that are met by popular culture would

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