Caffeine Addiction Essay

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  • Caffeine Addiction

    we think about illicit drugs like crack, cocaine, marijuana, or heroin, we hardly ever think about the more mundane drugs such as caffeine. “In the US, more than 90% of adults use caffeine regularly, with an average consumption of more than 200 mg of caffeine per day - more caffeine than in two 6 ounce cups of coffee or five 12 ounce cans of soft drinks” (Nichols, 2015). This makes caffeine the perfect drug because it is widely-available, cheap, and fast-acting (Hodge, Scanlon, Corbett, & Sorensen, 2014). And unfortunately, in today’s society, this makes caffeine a highly abusive drug and is an ever expanding epidemic that requires attention. This can be done by education individuals on what…

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  • Essay On Caffeine Addiction

    Caffeine Addiction I grew up drinking caffeine; from Gurana soda to Starbucks, the consumption of caffeine has been a daily part of my life. Most days I roll out of bed and sit down for a steaming cup of coffee with vanilla creamer, honey, and brown sugar. My buddy Mike sits across from me drinking a large mug almost black. Before I walk out the door I shove four, maybe five, Dr.Peppers in my bag and walk out the door. After I finish my first class I stop at the local coffee shop for a Chai tea…

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  • What Is Caffeine Addiction?

    From the different sources collected for the topic there seems to be several conclusions that can be drawn. One conclusion that can be drawn is that the consumption of caffeinated products does not steadily decline despite the health risks that caffeine can cause. Caffeine consumption among students in today’s seem to be dependent on caffeine to carry out their everyday activities. Most college students have hectic days because there are usually several classes for them in a day and if they…

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  • Caffeine Addiction Benefits

    Many people drink coffee or caffeine products in order to stay awake. Many people rely on their cup of coffee in the morning or throughout their day in order to function or to perform daily tasks. Rogers et al. (2012) discusses the various functions that caffeine has that can be beneficial and harmful to our psychological and behavioral functioning. This study was interested in comparing the effects of caffeine from those who drink caffeine products regularly with those who do not (Rogers et al.…

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  • Caffeine Addiction Research Paper

    My hands shaking, I exchange my $5 bill for yet another 16 ounce coffee beverage. The drink has taken over my life. My condition could be labeled as a caffeine dependence, but I think it’s purely a coffee addiction. The rush of soda is weak in comparison and leads to a quick burnout, and energy drinks turn me into pure jitters. Coffee, though, is perfect; I’m hooked on the taste and the way it makes me feel. I depend on it to wake me up, to feel good, to truly experience the day. It can make me…

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  • Informative Essay On Caffeine Addiction

    of not having your coffee for at least one day? These are all signs of a coffee addiction. “A study published in the Journal of Caffeine Research in 2013 coauthored by Laura Juliano, Ph.D., a psychology professor at American University in Washington, D.C, "indicates that more people are dependent on caffeine to the point that they suffer withdrawal symptoms and are unable to reduce caffeine consumption even if they have another condition that may be impacted by caffeine”(3). “The negative…

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  • Short Term Consequences Of Stopping Addiction To Caffeine

    An example for this would be when you drink coffee on the night before the final exam that results in an “adrenaline rush” because the caffeine that you consume from the coffee basically turns into adrenaline. Caffeine also has major effects on the body internally. For example, it raises the acidity level inside your stomach that results in heartburns. In addition, too much consumption of caffeine can affect your metabolism and the absorption of calcium which tends to make your bones more…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Caffeine

    Caffeine Addiction Should Be Regarded More Seriously Caffeine is one of the most widely consumed substances on the planet. It is found in beverages and confectionaries that people love so much. Caffeine is so common in foods and drinks that people often fail to recognize that it is a drug just like heroine of cocaine. The drug changes the way the human brain operates and makes people feel alert. People who crave caffeine often seek this feeling of motivation that they cannot find from using any…

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  • Informative Essay On Caffeine

    symptoms of America’s favorite and least recognized drug: caffeine. Caffeine has many negative side effects that far outweigh any benefits, and yet it can be found in virtually any household, university campus, workplace, or meetinghouse across the country. Not only that, but many people are not even aware that the very thing they consume on a daily basis has been debated over by various health experts and lawmakers around the globe, and has been banned or restricted from entire countries.…

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  • Caffeine Paper

    Caffeine continues to grow in consumption, even though there just is not enough data to justify its growing use. Are we promoting the use and addiction of the new “cocaine”? 85% of American consume at least one drink containing caffeine (Mitchell, D. C., & Knight, C. A. 2014, January). Some of the drinks where we find caffeine is alarming. Caffeine is added to fruit juice, flavored water, sports drinks, to name a few. Sources used included the USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies…

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