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  • Mobile Phones: The Negative Effects Of Phone Addiction For Teens

    even live without a mobile device for a day. Right now, people all use their phone to make the social communication, they use the phone to make a call, to text, to go to Facebook, Instagram and all the social media apps. Mobile phone become a part of peopl 's basic life. But if we don 't find a right way to use the phone, it will bring negative effect to our daily life. Especially for youth, because they are lack of self-control, it will make them be so easy to have an addiction to the internet. Why only focus on the youth? Because the teenager is a part of a group that not mature enough and still have many new experience in their life. They are really easy to influence by…

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  • Mobile Phones: The Negative Effects Of Cell Phone Addiction

    Facebook, 49 minutes e-mailing, and 51 minutes talking on their cell phone” (Junco & Cotton 2012). The accessibility to information and communication justifies the amount of time people are spending on their phones to a certain extent. Individuals with regular cell phones do not have an easy access to Internet and social media; the statistics involving smart phones are more relevant to this topic. Sixty-eight percent of adults own a smartphone (Mediaiti). Although cell phones have made aspects…

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  • Smart Phone Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

    were holding their mobile phones, they look down at screen attentively. Some people were playing Facebook, some brushing in Instagram, and someone were reading novels online. Nowadays, people have a more professional definition of this group, the smart phone addiction patients. Smart phone addiction patients on the surface there is not all bad effects in their life, but it also brought some hidden damage. Smart phone has both advantages and disadvantages in our life. It’s convenient to contact,…

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  • The Impact Of Mobile Phones Among Youth

    Mobile phones have brought a revitalising dynamic to the sociality of the youth, but its introduction has its implications. These implications range from good and bad – the predominance of which is dependent on the user’s habits in regards to usage. As the technological progression of mobile phone’s has bequeathed a product that is now capable of being used outside the realm of telecommunications, and as a result, it’s usage has inclined. Research conducted by PIR (Pew Internet Research) in 2014…

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  • Case Study: The Truth About Smartphone Addiction

    What is smartphone addiction? Why are teenagers obtaining the addiction from smartphones? Smartphone addiction is a syndrome of being on your mobile device for long periods of time. It triggers your brain to crave for the use of a cell phone. Teenagers are addicted to their phones by the social media that surrounds the internet. Addiction can start by anything that develops your mood. In The truth about smartphone addiction, students at a public university in the southeast completed a…

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  • How Do Cell Phones Affect Young People

    of Cell Phones on Young Adults Cell phones have become and extension in our life; for instance we have become so dependable on our cell phones that we cannot imagine our lives without one. It gives us the ability to listen to music, text or call friends, and play games. However,society today, especially young people are becoming addicted to their cell phones. We cannot keep hands off from our phones, not even for a thirty seconds. Meanwhile, it is strange to see someone at this moment of time…

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  • Nomophobia Informative Speech

    I assume that most of you are, just like me! Mobile phones have given rise to a human disorder in our modern age, which is recognized as a great source of stress. Nomophobia, or no-mobile-phone-phobia is the fear of being away or loosing one’s mobile phone (Moore, 2012). This new phenomenon was coined in 2010, by a research organization, YouGov, commissioned by the United Kingdom Post Office as states Peimer (2014) in Bizcommunity. The organization YouGov looked through anxieties suffered by…

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  • How Does Cell Phones Affect Society

    Cell phones have become a huge part of society and they have a huge impact on the way the world operates. 47% of people who own a cell phone say that they could not live without it. The various capabilities that cell phones have allowed us to use them all sorts of things. People use their cell phones for business, shopping, education, games, and many other things. Cell phones are used by small businesses to contact customers and allow them to make payments. Accesories like credit card scanners…

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  • Mobile Phone A Blessing Or Blessing Essay

    Are mobile phones a blessing or curse? This is one of the questions most people ask when it comes to the use of technological devices. Mobile phones are one of the technological devices that have brought a lot of changes since the twentieth century when it was first introduced. Despite many concerns arising from the use of mobile phones, they continue to improve our lives each passing day. Before hand held devices such as mobile devices, landlines were used as means of communication. These…

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  • Essay: Are Cell Phones Harmful?

    Are cell phones harmful? Causes 25% of all car accidents. 50% of teens feel addicted. 32,885 driving fatalities in 2013. Sleep deprivation. Six times more likely to cause a car accident. All of these things have something in common and that is that it connects back to the use of cell phones. Some people say that the use of cell phones while driving is okay as long as the person is still paying attention to the road. However, the use of cellphones while driving is unsafe whether it is texting or…

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