Science And Technology: The Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones

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Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the internet on the mobile phone is getting closer and closer to people’s lives. And the functions of phones are changed from the simple call and message to wireless internet and video call, but the smart phone also brings some negative effects to people. Like Steve Cutts’s graphic art showed that a lot of people like walking dead people are playing their phones on the street, and they are back to the sun and walk to the darkness. It emblems that smart phone are bad to people and people are easily addicted by the phone. In fact, it is not mean that use or have a smart phone will make people becoming walking dead people, the smart phone is a progress of science and technology. It lets …show more content…
Mobile phone addiction will bring the bad effect to people, for example the healthy problem; the radiation of phone is bad to people’s body and vision. It also will reduce the time of outdoor activities and some of the people will get sleep problem. Behavior and attitude; overmuch playing phone will make people become indifference and absent-minded because most of time spent in a fictitious phone world. And these mobile phone addiction phenomena are more concentrate in some specific people and …show more content…
The smart phone has both positive and negative effects to people, not only negative effects. For the positive part, we need to say thanks to the inventor of phone, it makes our life convenience and splendidness. At the same time, when people are overmuch playing phones, it will bring the negative part to people, and this effects are more focus on young people and white-collar worker because free time for some of them are more than others occupation. Also, they are the future of society and some of them are going to a wrong way by using the phone. This is very dangerous for society. Some of the young people are deeply dependent by the phone and unable to extricate themselves. If more and more people get addicted by the phone, the positive part of phone will become weak, and Steve Cutts’s graphic art will become the

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