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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Village

    Therefore, the concept of oneness has lost. The second is the corruption and fraud from which no one has immunity. Moreover, the other side of the coin is the over-powering of information and its abuse by nations that are masters and the rest would be slaves. Thus this would results in imbalance of access to natural and human resources, global-economy and will results in fragile Eco-system. Therefore, the modern communicative technology does not truly promote a cohesive Global Village concept in its true essence as was perceived by those in favor. But this would rather accelerate inter dependencies among nations and a rat race to control the flow of information and resources by the superpower(s). It can be clearly seen that globalization has made rich richer and the poor poorer. Underdeveloped nations have suffered greatly. They are faced with the crisis of cultural identity. These nations are such which are unable to make the right choice because of their inability due to poverty and…

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  • From The Global Village To The World Civilization Analysis

    Gaëten Tremblay, in his article titled “From Marshall McLuhan to Harold Innis, or From the Global Village to the World Empire” discusses how both of these mentioned theorists provide insight into the role of communication media in the organization of societies and the shaping of everyday life. Tremblay details the importance of McLuhan and Innis’ contributions in the understanding of modern society, insofar that it was shaped by changes in the areas of information dissemination and…

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  • The Diverse Destiny

    According to IB, the definition of “Fairness and Development” context include students exploring rights and responsibilities; the relationship between communities; sharing finite resources with other people and with other living things; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution. For my project, I am going to explore and compare the differences between communities, which leads to access to equal opportunities surrounding by the question “ Everyone was born the same way, but why…

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  • What Role Does Gender Play In The Lottery

    issue when “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson was written, there are clear implications as to how the characters in this story would feel about the gender pay gap. Out of the characters in the story, Mr. Summers would have the most stringent opinion about the gender pay gap. Mr. Summers believes in equality for all citizens, and in turn would actively endorse equal pay for men and women. Mr. Summers is a very prominent character in the short story “The Lottery” written by Shirley Jackson. The…

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  • Planet Of Slums By Mike Davis

    Mike Davis Planet Of Slums: Final In this essay I am going to explain why Mike Davis places responsibility on the treason of state, international banks, and lending institutions for the horrific conditions in what he describes as the urban south. I will also explain why there is a vast migration from the rural villages to the megacities of the third world. As well as the ideas of thinkers like Hernando de Soto and what Davis sees as his mistaken ideas. Mike Davis offers a…

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  • How Tech Created A Global Village By Nicholas Carr

    In "How Tech Created a Global Village,” Nicholas Carr conveys the current use and the intended use of the internet. Carr states “We live in a fractious time, defined not by concord but by conflict,” Nicholas Carr. This is an interesting quote and one that really captures the essence of this article. He stated this earlier in the article and lead into it explaining how Mark Zuckerberg was a pioneer in the internet realm by creating the social media giant known as Facebook. Nearly 2 billion…

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  • Autobiography Essay: My Life In Mexico

    Autobiographical paper. I was born on April 5th 1995, in a small village in Durango Mexico. I lived there for about 13 years, then we moved here to Chicago. I am 6 ft. ½ inches tall and I weight about 119 pounds. I have always been skinny, even my friends in Mexico used to call me “Flaquita” which means skinny in Spanish. But well, I don’t consider myself too skinny, actually I define myself as an average. As for my appearance I think I am pretty, I am often told that I am beautiful especially…

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  • Analysis: Strengthening The Rural Economy

    Rural The United States Census Bureau defines rural by first identifying two types of urban areas. Those areas are urbanized areas (UAs) with a population of 50,000 or more people, and urban clusters (UCs) with a population of at least 2,500 and less than 50,000 people. Therefore, rural consists of all populations, housing, and territory that do not fall into the category of an urbanized area or an urban cluster (Geography, 2015). In the fact sheet titled Strengthening the Rural Economy - The…

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  • What Are The Disadvantages Of Rural Youth?

    A true story happened in my secondary school. All students of my class were born in urban areas except one student from a small village. One day, one classmate lost her cell phone. Without any confirmatory evidence, most students and our teacher immediately suspected the rural student was the thief. The teachers even threatened him to admit his guilty. The lost cell phone was never found, and no one confessed this crime. After this event, almost all students including me sort of avoided staying…

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  • Apia Case Study

    Urban development in Apia Introduction Apia is the capital city of Samoa and the largest city in the Pacific. In Apia, there is a trend that 40% of population are looking forward to live in urban area. And the rate of urban growth will be continued to increase (Pacific island populations in Jones article, 2001). Urban population, density of house and waste from industries are all rise continually. Due to the increasing of pressure of urbanization and the lack of effective management solutions,…

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