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  • War: Similarities Between Football And War

    change the thinking of people. In both football and war there are two sides in which both are trying to win. They strategize and fight up and down the battlefield trying to gain an advantage over the opponent. Although there are many similarities, there is one huge difference. War involves numerous casualties and cannot be justified in most circumstances. Football, on the other hand, can be justified as the risk of getting seriously hurt is much lower. Since war cannot be justified most of the time, Mark Edmundson states in his book Why Football Matter that this allows the people to: “transfer our hunger for heroism from the area where real heroism has traditionally been possible and relocate it to the less complex relations of sport” (134). In a sense, Edmundson is saying that people view athletes as heroes in today’s age rather than viewing soldiers as heroes. This can drastically change the mindset of fans along with players. Some football players become obsessed with the power that they have, which can lead to their life spiraling out of control. Fans, especially kids, view these football players as role models and are influenced greatly by them. If a player does not behave off the field then they are setting a bad example for the kids who look up to them. Since kids view these football players as people who can do no wrong, this could negatively affect the kids and lead to consequences in the long run. Overall football and war are connected with one another. Many…

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  • Masculinity In War

    When we think of the military and war essential components of international relations, we think of men as soldiers, men as protectors we consider war itself as violent as well as the men participating (Youngs, 2004, p.85). The military and nonconventional forces are therefore heavily masculinized. To understand why rape is used as a weapon of war, it also important to understand the context in which masculinity in militaries and armed forces develops but also understand the concept of hegemonic…

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  • War Mates

    After analysing the 1915 play ‘War Mates’, we discover the argument between two social sides on their differing views about war. The play, written by Mr Herbert De Hamel focuses strongly on the impact of strikes. “It is without doubt the most real and effective short play concerned with the war that has yet been seen, and the lesson it teaches the men of fighting age and all who advocate or are responsible for strikes in war time.” (Daily Mail, 1916, p.3) The four characters, John, Mary,…

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  • Napoleon Wars: The Napoleonic Wars

    The Napoleonic wars refer to the wars of the Napoleonic wars in the period of the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815). It led to major changes in the military and artillery of Europe, particularly the military system. Because the implementation of the national conscription system, making the war a huge scale, unprecedented. France, the rapid rise of national power, dominated Europe; but after the defeat of the invasion of Russia, the national potential plummeted. Napoleon's empire was eventually…

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  • Civil War In Colombia

    on the order of $100 billion annually on cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine, but in 2000, much more money was spent on cocaine than marijuana; in 2010 the opposite was true (estimation). However, the drug traffic is not the only U.S policy issue with Colombia. The civil war against insurgent groups in Colombia had been a critical battle, that U.S has been supporting. The armed conflict in Colombia…

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  • The Cold War: A War

    The Cold War was not actually a war. Hence the name “Cold” war. It was more like a drawn out competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, which is modern day Russia. The U.S. also was closely monitoring the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons development for obvious reasons. More specifically, the U.S. wanted to monitor the Soviet Union’s development of mass destruction in an effort to prevent them from developing or using them. The U.S. was concerned the weapons of mass destruction…

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  • Ishmael Beah's War

    meaning of war in the dictionary is “A military conflict between two nations or parties”, but in A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah war is not just a conflict between two nations or parties but it’s a conflict between death, revenge, and survival. Ishmael Beah is a victim of war that took place in Sierra Leone. His lieutenant easily turns him into a ruthless killing machine. The Lieutenant use a false promise to avenge the death of his parents and drugs to…

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  • The Unforgettable War: The Vietnam War

    The Unforgettable War In the United States during the 1960’s, there was a massive trepidation against the U.S soldiers who were returning stateside from the Vietnam War. With the 60’s having a plethora of problems and traumatic events, the last thing the American citizens wanted to do was embroil themselves in a war oversees that had no immediate effect on them. With the aversion to the war, the U.S citizens vilified and treated their own troops as warmongers instead of being the everyday…

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  • War And Afghanistan War Essay

    Iraq & Afghanistan War War, whether it was centuries ago, or going on currently, impacts those fighting in many ways. For example, in the Iraq and Afghanistan war, there were over 8,000 soldiers killed in action since 2001. That number stems from a total of 14 years of combat operations. In comparison, there are nearly the same number of suicides by U.S. servicemen and women every single year. Soldiers are not only impacted by physical injury, but there is a very substantial amount of them who…

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  • The Cold War: The War On Drugs

    War has been going on since the beginning of human life. With technology improving in such a fast pace, war has become more and more complicated. To me, war was originally a country fighting another country because a difference in ideology or a disagreement on something very important. But in today’s world, war has changed to a whole other dimension and has so many meanings. After World War II, the US and the Soviet Union started the Cold War. The Cold War was a war in which the US and Soviet…

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