Self Employment - Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

  • Labor Supply Case Study

    Assignment Question and Answer Student Name: Student ID: 1. Describe different options available to a company for labor supply: Following are the different options for a company to manage labor supply; PERMANENT EMPLOYEES: They work directly for the employer and are paid by the employer. They do not have pre defined employment end date. In addition to the salary they receive other incentives. The employer hire them through proper human resource channel. CASUAL EMPLOYEES: Another option for the company to manage labor supply is through casual employees. In casual employees the company has the option of both short term and long term casual employees. They are paid on hourly basis and they do not receive other incentives or bonuses like permanent employees, neither they are enrolled to paid leaves etc. APPRENTICES OR TRAINEES (EMPLOYEES): The company has the option to mange labor supply by hiring trainees and apprentices. The apprentices are the skilled workers whereas the trainees are those who are only aware of the vocational area only. OUTSOURCING: Another option for the company is to outsource the work. In outsourcing the companies labor supply is managed by the other company which is used as out sourced company. The host company make the contract with the outsourced company or the company hire employees out of the facility of their organization. OFFSHORING: In this the company relocates its plant from one country to another country. The labor supply for the company…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Company

    employees, own assets and pay taxes. Advantages of a corporation is it is a limited liability that protects owners from losing more than they invest. The business can achieve large sizes due to marketability of stocks. It receives certain tax advantages. Has greater access to financial resources allows growth within the company. Attracts employees with specialized skills which can help the business. Disadvantages of a corporation is double taxation because both cooperate profits and dividends…

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  • Title VII Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Case Study

    Civil Rights Act of 1964 The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was designed to protect people from employment discrimination based on their race, color, nationality, sex or religion. The Act gave birth to the EEOC, the acronym stands for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC is a bipartisan, five-member group that seeks to end employment discrimination. According to (Clouatre, 2014) the EEOC encourages diversity in the workplace by executing anti-discriminatory laws.…

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  • Tourism Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

    Throughout this essay the following statement ‘the advantages of tourism outweigh the disadvantages’ will be critically evaluated. It is known that tourism’s a world-wide industry which generates a huge amount of money, however many people don’t see the implications that tourism can have on communities. The course of this essay will explore the statement from a range of different perspectives and overall demonstrate that the statement is false. Although this essay is to highlight the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Business Structure

    law in combination with the real estate boom probably have you wondering what the advantages might be of setting your business up as an LLC or S Corporation (S Corp). You might, as many business owners are, be under the assumption that restructuring your business would be too expensive or too time consuming, but neither drawback should prevent you from benefitting from reorganization. The LLC: Now an Option for California’s General Contractors The LLC is now an option for contractors…

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  • Tax Analysis: Sole Proprietorship

    Part A Sole Proprietorship Description Sole proprietorships are business entities that are owned and managed by one person and there is no legal distinction between the business and owner. Two Advantages Easily formed - cheaper to start-up and less laws regulating the business Tax benefits - owner is not required to file a separate business tax report, but can file on personal returns Decision making - owned and operated by one person, so no complications when making decisions Two…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Limited Liability Partnerships

    liability limited partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each form of business organization and the brothers and their cousin must evaluate each to determine the most beneficial method for the farm operations. Limited Partnerships (LPs) Advantages of LPs Limited partnerships (LP) are ideal for a group of individuals when some desire to invest in a business while limiting their management obligations and liability. The LP is…

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  • The Zero-Hours Contract: Brexit Impact On Employment Relationship

    In this essay I will aim to analyse and describe the zero-hours contract. Firstly, I will explain the meaning and definition of this type of contract. Then I will analyse advantages and disadvantages for both parties (employer and employee) from each prospective and point of view. I will discuss about how the political issues has influenced this situation and I will discuss about how the zero-hours contract has impacted on employment relationship. In conclusion, I will summarise the key facts of…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Unemployment

    Potential decrease in the unemployment rate is another advantage for the workers. Workers in non-standard employment are hired in accordance to the needs of the market (supply and demand). Labour becomes more competitive and efficient to attain jobs and therefore increases the amount of output that increases profitability of the employer. Increase in the profitability of employer creates more jobs and expands the economy. Essentially, non-standard employment operates in accordance to the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Organizational Resource Management

    HR professionals “communicate and implement HR strategy, thus helping shape the organizational climate, influencing employees’ attitudes and behaviors, and ultimately affecting occupational health and organizational performance.”(Bowen and Ostroff, 2004) There are numerous HR practices such as “recruitment, promotion, training, wages, labor-capital relationship, employment assurance, security, and welfare,” (Dessler, 2001) and these are used to meet both short and long term priorities, depending…

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