The Zero-Hours Contract: Brexit Impact On Employment Relationship

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"Zero-hours contract"

In this essay I will aim to analyse and describe the zero-hours contract. Firstly, I will explain the meaning and definition of this type of contract. Then I will analyse advantages and disadvantages for both parties (employer and employee) from each prospective and point of view. I will discuss about how the political issues has influenced this situation and I will discuss about how the zero-hours contract has impacted on employment relationship. In conclusion, I will summarise the key facts of this essay.

What is a zero-hours contract?
Currently there is no legal definition for a zero-hours contract, it can be defined as an agreement between employer and employee, known also
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This situation is predicted to intensify progressively more and more once the UK comes out the EU.
Fewer rights for workers
Many large retailers are adopting zero-hours contracts because keeps people in a fragile state where the employers have more leverage on them. Sports Direct is one of those major retailers and has 20.000 part-time employees, that are all on a zero-hours contract then without a regular set of shifts and without the right for holiday pay or sick leave.
Young people and students that are working under this contract are more likely to have physical or mental issues because of stress or anxiety caused by financial insecurity. Workers specially the young ones deserve a great future, greater than being underpaid, than having an unsecure job and being stressed for financial issues without knowing if they will be able to pay their food or pay their bills.
Impact of zero-hours contracts on employment
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