Overworked Utility Lineman Essay

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Overworked Utility Linemen
Have you ever been so tired before that you felt that it was too dangerous to do something so easy such as doing your daily chores? Or what about driving? Or even more serious, work? Consumers Energy is making their employees work more hours than they are allowed to when they are shorthanded workers. Working too many hours in one day can result in a very dangerous work environment. Researchers say that it is more dangerous to work with no sleep rather than to work intoxicated (Driving Tired).
Linemen working for Consumers Energy are legally only allowed to work sixteen hours a day, no questions asked. When Consumers Energy are shorthanded workers, they will then make the employees that have already worked sixteen
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When you are running on only a couple hours of sleep your brain can not function properly, which affects your physical and emotional state. If your body is sleep-deprived for long amounts of time it could possibly result in a chronic illness. One reason why working while being sleep deprived is very dangerous is because it can affect your decision-making abilities. What if a lineman connects the wrong wire and is suddenly electrocuted because his decision making skills were lacking due to no sleep? When your body is being sleep deprived, it means that you are not giving your immune system a chance to build up its forces. This can lead to sick workers and then the already short-handed company forces the other workers to work even more hours over their daily limit. When your body has been sleep deprived for long amounts of time, not even caffeine can override your body’s need for sleep. So try all the energy drinks you want, it is not going to work ("Consequences of Insufficient …show more content…
A lack of sleep lowers your level of a hormone called leptin, which tells your brain that you are full, so you do not eat as much as you normally would. Sleep deprivation also tells your body to release higher levels of insulin after you eat, which stores fat, so your chances are much greater of developing type 2 diabetes. Gaining weight goes hand in hand with your cardiovascular system which plays a key role in your body. Your cardiovascular system is made up of the heart that pumps blood, the lungs that oxygenate blood, and the arteries that carry oxygenated blood to all organs and tissues, and the veins that return blood to the heart. Sleep deprivation causes you to gain weight, which causes you to develop problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and even possibly a stroke

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