Nap Persuasive Speech

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Attention Getter:
You may think that sleep isn’t an important factor in your life, but you are wrong.

Setting the Stage:
For example, if you went to sleep late, and didn’t get enough sleep the day after, you could find it harder to sleep and harder to think clearly.

Thesis Statement:
The point is, sleep is important and it can have bad effects on your health, mind, and daily life. Fortunately, there are 3 things that make up sleeping problems, and we will go through them 1 by one!

Body Paragraph #1

Topic Sentence:
Sleep is one of them most important factors for your health. Every age group has a certain recommended amount of sleep. The older you are, the less sleep you need, but if you are younger, then you will need more
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This benefit may encourage people to nap more, because if naps can help with so many things, why would you not nap? We can inference form this also that not getting enough sleep could help cause heart disease as getting extra sleep from naps prevents heart disease.
Concluding Sentence:
Naps can help with sleep loss but they have their drawbacks. They can’t provide a full replacement for sleeping and can even make you even sleepier. But if you nap correctly, then you can get the boost you need for the day and help lessen your sleep loss.
Body Paragraph #3

Topic Sentence:
Some people just can’t find a way to get enough sleep. They have an irregular sleep pattern, something that is a bit harder to correct. But if you plan things right and look out for yourself, then you can get back on track to having a normal sleep pattern.
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When you sleep in a set pattern too much, your body will adapt to it. For example, if you got to sleep at 9pm but wake up at 8am for a week, then your body will automatically make you drowsy around 9pm and wake you up around 8am. This show show fragile your sleep pattern is and that if you sleep in a bad pattern for a few days, it can stick with you can become harder to correct.

In source #1 it states,”Bad sleep habits and long-term sleep loss will affect you health.”(Para 6, Source #1)

Explanation (Why does it matter?):
This statement matters because it gives people some warning to what will happen to their body if they don’t have a good sleep pattern. The health effects from sleep loss may be bad as sleep loss isn’t a good thing. Those bad health effects may be your body’s way of urging you to find a better sleep pattern and if ignored, could become worse and cut into your daily life.

Concluding Sentence:
If you can correct your sleep pattern, then your problems should be solved. Just work at it and edit your schedule a little, everything helps and pretty soon, you’ll be sleeping well and normally again!

III. Conclusion

Restate main ideas/thesis statement:
In conclusion, your sleep has three parts, requirements, naps, and patterns. All three are very important and can determine if you sleep well or

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