Persuasive Essay: Why School Should Start Later

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Waking up really early for another day of school isn’t probably fun for anyone, especially for the kids who have to be at school before 8:00 or 8:30 am and for the parents who have to drag their kids out of bed. What if students get really tired at school and not be able to do their work? Aren’t you worried about their health problems too? Maybe, school should start later so kids can get enough sleep and not having to wake up so early to go school when they’re still tired. Well, we’re about to find out. “The body clock of most people between age 10 and 55 is not well suited to rising early” Dr. Kelley said, most people use their alarm clocks because they usually don’t wake up at the time they are suppose to be waking up to go school or work. …show more content…
Not getting enough sleep can affect your health. According to the NHS Choices article, “Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy”, see, not getting enough sleep can cause serious medical conditions. According to NHS Choices article, “After several sleepless nights, the mental effects become more serious. Your brain will fog, making it difficult to concentrate and make decisions. You’ll start to feel down, and may fall asleep during the day. Your risk of injury and accidents at home, work and on the road also increases”, isn’t it scary that just by not getting enough sleep all these health problems and mental effects can happen to you. Not getting enough sleep can make you gain weight too. According to Lack of Sleep Can Pack On The Pounds article, “You’ve stayed on your diet and followed an exercise regimen, but still haven’t be able to lose weight. One possible reason may be that you’re not getting enough sleep”, see, even not getting enough sleep can make you not lose weight, it can make you gain weight though. Less sleep can boost your hunger and appetite which can make you eat junk food and all other kinds of

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