Consequences Of Sleep Deprivation

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When people think of sleep deprivation, they generalize it as just not getting enough sleep, and lessen its importance. Many people do not know the dangerous effects of not getting enough sleep. As the National Sleep Foundation stated “sleep is food for the brain.” Just like your body without “food” your brain cannot function properly. Many precautions can be taken to help prevent any type of serious and permanent damage. The number one problem we need to look at is school. This is the main cause for sleep deprivation in high school students.

A subject explained by Ellin Holohan, was the fact that starting school early could actually endanger teenagers in high school and the people around them. If we start school too early this could endanger teen drivers in the morning. This would higher their chances of sleeping while behind the wheel. This does not only endanger them but it puts others around them in danger. By being able to start school a little later not only will kids get more sleep but incidents of car accidents in the morning involving teens will lower.

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Besides from 1) diabetes 2) obesity 3) higher death rate, you are also more prone to getting a cold or flu. When you don 't get enough sleep your immune system could get weaker. This could make you more susceptible to illnesses such as the cold or flu. One aspect I stated earlier was you could get larger if you don 't have sleep. This weight gain could cause you to have heart problems, which could essentially shorten your lifespan. Lastly, your brain would not work properly. This could prevent you from doing certain activities throughout the day. Also if it becomes more severe it could lead to hallucinations (Pietrangelo, Ann). Many students do not know the effects of sleep deprivation, so we have to make it known to them to help solve part of this

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