Sleep Deprivation Research Papers

Sleep is something that everybody does everyday it 's essential for one 's health and well being.Everyone most sleep but not always does a person get enough sleep which is called Sleep deprivation. The average person requires about eight hours of sleep per night, but many otherwise healthy people continually deprive themselves of adequate sleep with consequences that include poor decision-making and increased risk of accidents.

Sleep deprivation is something that everyone faces at least once in there lives. People fail to realize that if they keep this up it can have consequences mentally and physically. Sleep Deprivation in adolescents results in depressed mood, diminished attention,reduced arousal, and lower test score(1Understanding Psychology Pg130). Sleep deprivation is known to effects you 're health. Lack of sleep has been shown to contribute to such diseases as heart attacks,asthma,strokes,high blood pressure, and diabetes(Understanding Psychology
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It 's inevitable because the more you grow up the more stress you become. Growing up you have to face new challenges that you 've never faced before. When facing these challenges you might not know exactly how to face that challenge and makes you stressed. I have been sleep deprived throughout my life and realized that it happened more often the older I got. I knew how bad it was to be sleep deprived yet sometimes I feel as I have no choice when dealing with certain things in my …show more content…
if this is the case make sure you try and fix this problem by asking for advice or simply trying to change you 're daily routine. Luckily I managed to fix my sleep schedule to where I get about 7-8 hours of sleep a day.After managing to get 7-8 hours of sleep I noticed that my grades started to improve and I stopped sleeping in my

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