Sweatshops In Canada Essay

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Canada is one of the many first-world countries who use sweatshops; achieving a more profitable, yet cheaper way of making their consumer products more successful. This paper will expose the truth behind sweatshops and their positioning in the industry. It is the responsibility of these companies to ensure the safety and equal labour laws of the manufacturers. However, none of these are actually applied to the people in factories who make these products. Due to the inhumane conditions that people in third world countries are forced to undergo, the inequitable profits acquired by companies, and the misleading marketing and advertisements for such products, companies endorsing sweatshops should not be sanctioned.

Workers are given very little rest time and are expected to work long shifts with hard labour. On average, it is normal to work a twelve hour or more shift. The conditions of these workplaces are cruel for they provide a cramped, hazardous and unsafe environment for workers. These poor
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The name “Sweatshops” is literal; workers actually sweat because of the inhumane conditions they are forced to work through for extremely long shifts. The amount of hard work and hours that these workers have put in is unimaginable and incomparable to regular employers of first-world countries. This paper explained some of the factors that companies of the consumer product industry do not consider. Some of these examples included the effects upon a worker of intensive labour, unbalanced benefits, child labour and discrimination against workers. These brutal workplace conditions, unequal profits being made and the false advertising being promoted should not grant the permission of companies to continue their success. Once you become a sweatshop worker, it is ultimately a matter of life or death considering yourself and your

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