Ethnocentrism In Business Ethics Case Study

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Mark Marra
Dr. Thurley
MGT 700
10 December 2017 Ethnocentrism in Business Ethics Ethnocentrism in sociological terms is the belief in the inherent superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture. Ethnocentrism can also be defined as the tendency one has to view outsiders or alien groups or cultures from the perspective of ones own. We see many effects of ethnocentrism in politics, business, and even our day to day lives. In the following paragraphs I am going to analyze and interpret the effects of Ethnocentrism has on businesses large and small, domestic and foreign, and the ethical dilemmas this inborn outlook can have on an individual, as well as society and organizations as a whole. The United States is a highly-ethnocentric
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Who was started in a garage and is now worth billions and billions of dollars, and who’s factories needed to adapt safety nets to catch suicidal “sweatshop” workers. At this one sweatshop in particular in Shenzhen, China employees are paid 1.32 an hour, and build I-phones, I-pads, MacBooks, Microsoft, Dell, and Hewlett Packard products. They work ten hour shifts, and complete tedious jobs such and wiping down screens or shaving aluminum from the edge of the Apple logo. 18 employees have committed suicide while working here alone. Some of the employees were even documented to work 24 hours at a time. “Suicide nets covering the whole site, in place to stop over-worked and stressed employees leaping to their deaths. Managers asked for the nets to be up two years ago after nine workers committed suicide in the span of three months”. Apple allowing for these conditions to exist at any one of its facilities shows us another example of how cheap labor, and the out of sight out of mind ethnocentric mindset of its not happening on our soil so we can look the other way mentality will continue as long as consumers keep buying the products and keep looking the other

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