Boredom in Teens Essay

  • Why Are Teenagers Addicted To Social Media Essay

    Using these apps, teens can see and do what they choose to do, and be able to do it when they would like to. There are many teenagers involved with social media to some extent and the reasons behind this are their desperate for attention, seek drama, and boredom. At some point, a teenager is going to want to have the “spotlight” on them. They might need support after a bad moment in their life or just want somebody to tell them what they would like to hear. Some teens feel lonely because they are by themselves all the time. Any of these cause them to jump on social media to feel better. Others just want people to tell them how good they are, or they act a certain way to provoke others into complimenting them. Teens love to have everyone watch them or focus on what they are doing. Every time that a person posts something on instagram, he or she will sit and watch every like and comment it gets. These people thrive off of the attention that anyone will give them, and it takes over, making them always need the gratitude from other people’s opinions.…

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  • Negative Dangers Of Smartphones

    and teenagers are society’s more fret over generation. According to Pewinternet, "nearly three-quarters have or have access to a smartphone." 56% of teens "use than one social network site." It should be no surprise that parents are scared of smartphones. But this fear may be irrational. The internet is now a "lightning rod for parental anxiety" says Rahul Parikh. Parents have come to the conclusion that smartphones bring danger and bullying. Only a small percentage of teens "have sent sexually…

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  • Social Media Depression Essay

    Social Media Depression One out of every three adolescents experiences cyberbullying in his or her lifetime. One out of five young adults has also cyberbullied another person. A clinical trial recently proved the fact that social media and depression are linked and that social media depression is pervasive in the lives of teens and young adults. According to doctors Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe and Kathleen Clarke-Pearson in the clinical report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, “‘Facebook…

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  • Negative Effects Of Reality TV

    and behave in our everyday lives. Currently, reality TV shows have dominated the television industry but it is impacting teens in a negative way. As defined in the article “Reality TV Shows Encourage Immoral Behavior” by Aubree Rankin “reality TV programs are shows that capture ordinary people in unscripted, producer-contrived situations”. Some examples of reality TV shows include Jersey Shore, The Real World, 16 and Pregnant, The Biggest Loser, Keeping up with the Kardasians, The Bachelor,…

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  • Why Teens Join Gangs Essay

    Teens join gangs for a variety reasons from families, schools, friends, to what city they live in. Gangs are everywhere, even some of the nicest cities. Peer pressure, family, protection, and boredom are the main reasons I noticed that teens join gangs. In reflecting upon my own adolescence and witnessing teens joining gangs, I believe that all these reasons are closely associated. It seems as though gangs have no boundaries it affects the poor and the rich, small towns, suburbia, and some of…

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  • Teenage Sexuality Essay

    teenage mother. The statistics on teen sexuality in the United States are troubling. About 7 percent of high school students report having had sex before the age of 13. By ninth grade, one-third of high school students have engaged in sexual activity, and by 12th grade, two-thirds. What causes teens to get sexually active? There are many reason a teen become sexually active some of the top five(5) are; Peer pressure, The desire to be loved, Boredom, Pressure from a partner and Society itself.…

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  • Activity Center Essay

    These factors are the amount of money they have, stress, and boredom. A recreational center could easily eliminate these factors. There could be snacks and drinks that they could purchase, the activities could get there mind off things reducing stress, lastly the activities and people will let teens be more social and give them something to do. In my rural hometown of Mobridge, SD, with a population of 3,500, I feel that there is also a lack of opportunity for kids to workout. My idea is to…

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  • Summary In Greasy Lake By T. Coraghessan Boyle

    Perfectly captured in the title, the character being the unnamed narrator of this short story “Greasy Lake” by T. Coraghessan Boyle. This story follows the narrator though a series of unfortunate events where He and his friends Digby and Jeff attempt to exemplify the persona that they believe would be considered in accordance with a bad or “Greasy Character”. These three boys at their last teenage year as they spin there wheels in a June summer of 1960’s suburbia. Just as many small towns there…

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  • Teenagers And Depression Essay

    Teens and Depression Today What is the third leading cause of death among teens ranging from 10-18? Suicide. What causes teens to commit suicide? Depression. You as a parent play one of the biggest roles in your child’s life and we will get to that later but depression is growing more and more common by the day and we are still learning to treat it. It’s a growing problem in our society that has been around for hundreds of years and yet nobody knows what to do about it but give pills and therapy…

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  • Sexually Active Teens Essay

    Attack of The Sexually Active Teens: What causes it? Sex is something that should be conserved till marriage. Teens nowadays do not wait till marriage to have sex. Pregnancy, STD’s, and abuse are all effects of teens having sex, but what causes teens to be more sexually active today? Peer pressure, drugs, social media you name it, all of these cause teens to be more sexually active. Do you know how though? If not read these following paragraphs, because you do not want to miss what causes sexual…

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