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  • Disability Educator

    interconnecting professions. My Profession A Disability Educator as a profession is to assist persons with a disability in many aspects of their lives by empowering…

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  • Barriers Of Disability

    Disability is a word that often brings negative connotations with its perceived meaning. According to the World Health Organization, disability is known to be a complex phenomenon, which has shaped our everyday interactions (2016). Being able-bodied allows you to fit into the societal definition of normal in which you are capable of your own individual achievements. However, being disabled creates barriers, which are often hard to cross and only leave society with forcing pity upon you. Of…

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  • Causes Of Disability

    Disabilities can range from being mentally ill, handicap or mood disorders. One serious problem that can have an effect on a person is depression. Depression is something that affects a persons overall energy and mood. It is a disability that many people suffer from and is due to various reasons and causes. Though depression is a serious problem, it is treatable over a period of time. The reason one suffers from depression vary from individual to individual. Unlike mood swings and temporary…

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  • Disability In The Classroom

    Disability has always existed throughout history; it has never changed. What has changed are the names people used to describe and label it. Dr. F. M. Powell is the superintendent for the Iowa Institution for Feeble-Minded Children. “Backward and Mentally Deficient Children” was written for educators who have “mentally deficient” children in their classroom. In this piece, he focuses primarily on what should be done for the “backward and mentally deficient children” (or what people in modern…

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  • Disability

    If you have a disability of some type do not let this stop you from trying to achieve your goals. We all have restrictions and limitations. Some are physical, some are mental, and some are emotional. The point is that no one has a perfect life and there is an enormous difference between being disabled and being unable to accomplish something. No matter what disability you have look at the situation and determine what you hope to achieve, and then create a plan to make it happen. Some of the best…

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  • Disability Scenarios

    1. Discuss the problems associated with viewing disability as a binary condition rather than as a continuum The issue that span from clustering the disabled is that needs and resources vary based on individual circumstances. There are physical, psychological, and neurological issues that can attribute to a person being or becoming disabled. One must consider family size, medical expenses and cost of living on a much grander scale. Expenses for this type of population can have a severe impact on…

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  • Medical Model Of Disability

    The medical model of disability is a model which identifies the impairment of a disabled person as the problem, of which, the aim is to fix or cure this impairment by means of medical professionals whereas the social model of disability is a model which identifies that society creates barriers in the environment that do not allow disabled people from participating fully and equally to those who are able bodied and looking at ways that can remove these barriers for disabled people. This essay…

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  • People With Disability Essay

    This study will define the subjective forms of medical and social discrimination that are imposed on people with disabilities due to being considered a “minority group.” The dispute over the social circumstances of disabilities has often been framed through the traditional “social model” or “minority” to define discrimination, but the majority of ‘able-bodied” persons tend to create the policies and rules for protecting the rights of disabled people. However, the argument that impairment and…

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  • Thematic Convergences: Disability

    Thematic Convergences: Disability as “special ability”? The three films reveal a series of thematic convergences, set in the interplay between “nature” and “culture”, in the understanding and negotiation of the experience of disability, as well as, the “personal” and “public” dimensions of the disability experience in patriarchal social settings. The arrival of a child with disability is a life-changing event, especially regarding the general attitude towards disability in particular cultural…

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  • Learning Disability Essay

    John Banks shows concern in his speech. He doesn’t speak often in the classroom and when he does it’s not understood. John is diagnosed with a learning disability, and speech impairment. Learning Disability is also referred as “LD”. A learning disability is when someone is facing difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills on the same level as others with the same age. I think that early intervention can really benefit this disability. Learning Disabilities affect the way one produces…

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