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  • Colonialism In New England

    The catholic church had europe in its iron grip. Colonist came to america in order to avoid persecution and to create their own common wealth where they could essentially make the rules. In a sense, the colonist were like rebellious teenagers moving out of their parents house because they got sick of the “my house, my rules” rule. Education and religion were very strong in New England. They came into existence to teach the priest literacy education. The dominant religion in the New england region were the puritans. The puritans were a group of reformist who wanted to purify the church. Eventually some people from other religion tried to settle in New England but they were met with nothing other than hostility, discrimination and violence.…

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  • New England Colonies Motives

    When widespread immigration to the New World began, the immigration was not an equal distribution of people of all motives and cultures. People immigrated to certain areas of the New World based on what they hoped to achieve there. Some people were seeking relief from religious persecution, while others hoped to make a fortune in the new, abundant land. These varying motives lead to people with similar motives settling near other people with similar beliefs. One group of these people tended to…

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  • Puritan Values In New England

    Puritan values impacted the New England colonies’ development from the 1630s to 1660s severely. The intertwinement of the Puritan church and New England government spurred the creation of Rhode Island and Connecticut, the emphasis on family led to the creation of the small family farm as a central facet to both New England society and economy, the twin ideals of hard work and simplicity made excessive profiteering something to be frowned upon and solidified New England’s purpose as first and…

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  • New England And The Chesapeake Region In The 1700s

    By the 1700s, the New England and the Chesapeake regions developed into two different colonies due to each colony’s reason for settlement, consisting of religious and economic reasons, their personal beliefs, and their growth in their society. While the settlers of New England immigrated to the Americas to escape religious persecution, the settlers of the Chesapeake region immigrated for more economic reasons—the search of gold. Each colony’s way of life contrasted from one another in the way…

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  • The New England Patriots

    The New England Patriots have won an astonishing thirteen out of the last fifteen division titles in the AFC East division. They have won four out of six appearances to the big game the SUPERBOWL. They have taken control of the AFC division by not only taking control but by becoming one of the most winning teams in NFL history. Under the coaching of Bill Belichick, the team has become the focus of the NFL as the team to beat. Bill has joined and elite list of head coaches with the most…

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  • Jamestown Vs. New England Colonies

    In Virginia, with its moderate climate and endless acres of moist, fertile soil, the early settlers soon found that almost any plant thrived best in the Chesapeake region. On the contrary the New England settlers had to endure a harsher climate where the fine rocky soils made farming difficult and many had to find new sources of income to survive. In addition to the obvious climatic differences between the Chesapeake and New England communities, there were also significant contrasts between each…

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  • New England Colonies Essay

    The life expectancy in the South at the time was ten years less than in England; half of the people born in these colonies did not make it see their twentieth birthday. The deadly disease that swept through the colonies and the constant breaking up of families led to the high mortality rates and the quality of life being very poor at this time. Since African slaves were too expensive at the time, and England had a surplus of workers, these men came over to America to be indentured servants.…

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  • New England Colonial Region Report

    This is a report on the New England colonial region in preparation for a possible war with France. The New England colonial region consisted of four states, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The New England colonial region had many differences compared to the other two colonial regions. It had a various lifestyle and the geography was different because of where the states were positioned. The climate and geography in this region was very different than the other two…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Chesapeake And New England

    The Chesapeake vs. New England In the late 16th century, America was rapidly becoming colonized by the European nations. In fact, two of the major colonies in America both came from England under very different circumstances. These colonies are the Chesapeake, consisting of current day Virginia and Maryland, and New England, consisting of current day Massachusetts and Connecticut. Although these colonies both came from England, they significantly grew independent of each other. Also, both…

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  • New England Vs Middle Colonies

    New England’s land was covered with thick forests. While this made it difficult to farm, it provided the colonists with timber for building houses, ships, and tools. The natives taught the colonists how to hunt and trap the forest animals. The New England colonies suffered from a harsh climate. Colonists endured cold winters and mild summers. In addition to the thick forest, land became hilly and mountainous farther inland. The soil in New England was thin and rocky. Colonists used the rocks…

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