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  • Reflection In Teaching Practice

    Part A. Reflective practice literature review Introduction The assignment is devoted to teacher self-reflection which is acknowledged to be one of the moves that will lead to development and professionalism. Part A looks firstly at theory of reflection in general and then how it works in teaching. It points why reflection is essential in teaching practice and presents different ways of reflections as well as different levels of reflection. Whereas part B, presents more practical use of reflection and how it was used by me. 1. Literature review 1.1. Introduction of reflective practice Whilst doing some research I was trying to find the beginning of the reflection as a part of teaching and to my surprise there is no certain date of introducing…

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  • Reflection On Teaching Practice

    The lesson I taught was my first step into the world of teaching. I think I performed well for my first attempt however, there is a lot of room for improvement. My 10 minute lesson was not executed as effectively as I had originally planned. While my ‘4 students’ responded well to the task set, I feel a class of year 1 students could possibly find this task too challenging at their learning level as knowledge of special events comes with life experience. When reflecting upon my 10 minute…

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  • Reflection Of Teaching: Best Practices For Teaching And Learning

    Best Practices for Teaching and Learning As previously discussed, the use of the Danielson framework and adequate modeling are some instructional strategies that help students learn. However, there are many other brain-based learning strategies that I applied or wish to apply within my teaching context improving my students’ retention of the science information; including, frequent assessments, the use percolation in a blocked schedule, and the interleaving of content. Assessment is a…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Practices In Schools

    ‘How important is productive classroom practices in our schools and is a teacher in a mentoring role a necessary compenent to reach this ? What is high quality teaching and how is it recognised?’ The Victorian Auditor’s-general’s Report: Managing Teacher Performance in Government Schools, 2010, p.36) states simply good teaching has a positive effect on student learning and achievement. Bad teaching has a negative effect on student learning and achievement. Schools and their teachers need to be…

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  • Cognitive Behavior Of Reciprocal Teaching Practices

    teacher of mathematics it is essential I am able to make the most of spontaneous, integrated opportunities to mediate learning; this requires a sophisticated knowledge of mathematics. Furthermore, to optimally facilitate learning, I need to continue to reflect on my use of responsive and restrictive teaching behaviours. This involves monitoring the way I enact communication roles when interacting with children. My goal as an early childhood mathematics teacher is to support children in making…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Practices Of Living Inquiry

    Throughout the article “Teaching Practices of living inquiry” by Karen Meyer there were many ideas that were new to me such as the main concept of living inquiry. I was curious to know and understand how an ongoing living of an everyday life can be a practice. A practice which lets you enjoy every part of your life living in “being in the moment” and from this theory Karen Meyer developed a course which involves pedagogy and practices of each experience. From reading the article and putting…

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  • The Teachings And Practices Of Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation

    Historically, the Protestant Reformation was considered as a major 16th century European movement which targeted the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, when the reformation occurred during the Renaissance, it caused a split in the Roman Catholic Church in which Protestantism was formed. There were many “…ambitious political rulers who wanted to extend their power and control at the expense of the Church” (“The Protestant Reformation”). To demonstrate, Martin Luther, a…

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  • Personal Reflection Of A Personal Experience On Teaching Practices

    2.24.16 45 Participated in a Educator Effectiveness calibration training. This experience allowed me to continue to practice observing and document teaching practices. I gained a better understanding of what teaching practices to look for and how to identify the component the various observations align with. I will still need more training and practice in order to be efficient at evaluation teachers. As an administrator, I need to have a clear understanding of the Danielson Framework and…

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  • Qualitative Methods Of Amy Vetter's Role In Teaching Practices

    The article that was reviewed was about Amy Vetter, who was a teacher that was shifting roles in the school she was working at. During this study Vetter (2012) reluctantly began the process of moving into a leadership role to bring about change in her colleagues teaching practices (p. 27-28). The type of qualitative research study was a combination of three different qualitative methods. These qualitative methods described by MacMillan (2016) are: “ethnographic studies” (p. 311),…

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  • Analysis Of Hooks's Teaching To Transgress: Education As The Practice Of Freedom

    You are aimlessly staring at your professor while they give their hour and a half long lecture. At the end of it all you wonder “Well what did I get out of this? I just know what I think I need to know.” Here you have two cases in one example. According to The Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire this is a common practice of “the banking concept” in effect. On the other end, according to hooks’s Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom, this is an example of a “passive…

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