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  • Best Practice: Teaching-Family Model

    Best Practice: Teaching – Family Model University of Arkansas Stephanie Clark Methodist Family Health Counseling Clinic is an organization that provides healthcare services focused on various emotional and behavioral challenges individuals and families can face. Methodist provides many different services all over Arkansas that range from inpatient to school-base services. They also have eight Therapeutic Group Homes that provide a family-like setting while children are also able to receive other needed services. “Children are referred to Group Home care by the state Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), churches, parents and other Methodist Family Health programs. The length of stays are generally 9-12 months or…

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  • Reflective Practice In Teaching

    reflective practices can help us to understand our actions and how we can improve upon these to ultimately make ourselves a better and more effective teacher. A reflective practice is a tool that can empower an individual through the process of focusing their thinking, therefore supporting self-knowledge and understanding (Sellars, 2014). Reflective practice is a self-reflective process and Shepherd (2006) states that “in making sense of one’s situation, we are constructing our own experiences”.…

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  • Improving Teaching Practices

    Implications for Practice, Dissemination of Results, and Contributions to the Field of Education The data obtained from this study showed that allowing students to choose their writing topics paired with instruction can have a positive affect on students’ attitude about writing and their skill. Moving forward, I plan to incorporate my findings into my daily teaching and instructional practices. My first step in improving students’ attitude toward writing and improving their skill is to review…

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  • Evidence Based Teaching Practices Analysis

    Carter, Stephenson, and Strnadová (2011) surveyed Australian special education teachers to determine the prevalence of evidence-based teaching practices. Results indicated that the surveyed teachers use evidence-based practices as well as unproven or ineffective practices. In addition, Australian special education teachers use unproven or ineffective teachers practices more than their North American peers. Analysis The authors were successful in corroborating an earlier study in the United…

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  • The Importance Of Best Practices For Teaching And Learning

    Best Practices for Teaching and Learning As previously discussed, the use of the Danielson framework and adequate modeling are some instructional strategies that help students learn. However, there are many other brain-based learning strategies that I applied or wish to apply within my teaching context improving my students’ retention of the science information; including, frequent assessments, the use percolation in a blocked schedule, and the interleaving of content. Assessment is a…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Practices Of Living Inquiry

    Throughout the article “Teaching Practices of living inquiry” by Karen Meyer there were many ideas that were new to me such as the main concept of living inquiry. I was curious to know and understand how an ongoing living of an everyday life can be a practice. A practice which lets you enjoy every part of your life living in “being in the moment” and from this theory Karen Meyer developed a course which involves pedagogy and practices of each experience. From reading the article and putting…

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  • Tracheostomy Care Essay

    There is a vast body of knowledge related to teaching and learning. Not only is it important for educators to be aware of this theoretical work, but they must be able to integrate this knowledge in a way where they can translate it into practice. Educators must use a variety of teaching methods and strategies to meet the needs of learners. This paper will provide a guide for a new educator to facilitate a tracheostomy care in-service to nurses, using a multimodal approach. Keywords: teaching…

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  • Father And Son 'And Project Classroom Makeover'

    explores the idea of changing business practices. Wu writes about business practices being separated into closed off practices and open ones. In Cathy Davidson's essay, “Project Classroom Makeover,” Davidson talks about the need for the American school system’s old method and new method to be merged together in order to implement a new teaching method. In the essays the old way of thinking is challenged and a new way is introduced. In both situations one ideal model cannot completely replace the…

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  • Squeak Big Summary

    the multitude of possible problems in a clarinet section can be frustrating. Dr. Phillip O. Paglialonga’s book, Squeak Big: Practical Fundamentals for the Successful Clarinetist¸ addresses all aspects of clarinet playing in both practice and teaching. Squeak Big is presented in four sections: Pedagogy, Effective Practicing, Daily Elements, and Additional Resources. Of these sections, Pedagogy is the largest, encompassing the full spectrum of clarinet fundamentals. It includes basics, such as…

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  • Universal Preventive Intervention

    When it comes to teaching methods, is it fair to say that one is better than another? Not all teaching methods and strategies are the same, and great consideration should be taken when deciding which teaching strategy to pursue in a classroom. Universal preventive intervention is a strategy that have been proven through various studies and research to be highly effective. This strategy not only greatly impacts the students’ academic careers, but also reaches many personal aspects of the…

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