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  • Exodus: An Exegetical Analysis Of Exodus

    believe that the primary implication of this passage is a better understanding of the character of God and his role in the lives of his people. This is a major theme in all of Exodus, as well as specifically in the revelation of God’s name to Moses and to the people of that time. He is a God that loves all of his creation and desires for all people to come into a saving relationship with him (1 Timothy 2:3-4). To this end he voices the words: “Bring my sons out of Egypt” and “I will be with you” (Exodus 3:10,12). God hears his people’s troubles and wants for them to be relieved. His means of reassuring us, as it often is in scripture, is that he will be with us. God’s presence means much more than simply a feeling of peace—it implies power. Existence in His presence means: “You need not rely upon your own powers only… I shall give you strength” (Cassuto 36). An excellent example of God being with his people is seen soon after this exchange with Moses as he leads the Israelites through the wilderness and into battle. This exemplifies the love that God has for his people. In Exodus, this love extends to his compassion for the…

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  • Moses In Exodus

    God uses certain people to impact many others. After reading the first twenty chapters of Exodus, it is clear that God was still living out his promise to Abraham through Moses. Moses’ lineage traces back to Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham. God placed the infant Israelite, Moses, in Pharaoh’s household, speaks to Moses, uses Moses to free the Israelites and finally taught the Israelites of God’s laws in these chapters. God’s covenant to Abraham included all of Abraham’s decedents taking over the…

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  • Exodus And The Wierbe Bible Commentary

    will write a scriptural response to the assigned reading of the NIV Study Bible and the Wiersbe Bible Commentary. I will write my response to Exodus and chapters twenty through twenty-eight of the Wiersbe Bible Commentary. Content Division The book of Exodus is broken up into different sections. The first is the oppression of Israel and the birth of Moses. During the time of the birth of Moses, Pharaoh saw that the Israelites numbers grew. He was afraid of an uprising so he gave the order,…

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  • Abraham And The Exodus Analysis

    Discuss the stories of Abraham and the Exodus. What origins do they signify? What are the social functions of these texts? Abram, later to be renamed by God Abraham, originated from Ur, which was considered to be a cultured and ancient city. Minimalist scholars believe this to be the origins of the Israelites were Canaanites. As we learn later on in the book of Joshua the Israelites were lead by Joshua on a conquest in Canaan. The reason for minimalists believing Canaan origins is due to…

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  • Book Of Exodus Structure Essay

    The Structure of the Passage The Book of Exodus contains some of the most important people, as well as events. In the Book of Exodus, Moses was a prominent character that was discussed seemingly throughout the text. The Book of Exodus is a segment within the Pentateuch, which contains the first five books of the Old Testament. There are three obvious themes that are emphasized in Exodus, which are deliverance, the covenant, and the Promised Land. The first portion of the Book, which is…

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  • Exodus 23: 10-20

    The biblical passages Exodus 23:23-33 and Deuteronomy 20:10-20 illustrates God’s plan for the Israelites. These two passages share an overall purpose of emphasizing what is to be done with the non-Israelites who inhabit the land of Canaan (Exod 23:33 and Deut 10:20). This paper will discuss the various similarities and differences between these two passages by exploring how God is depicted and the immerging themes that are present throughout both these passages. To begin with, the language…

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  • The Four Identities In The Book Of Exodus

    The overall theological message or themes seen throughout the book of Exodus can be divided into four major identities. These four consists of liberation, law, covenant, and presence . Based off of these four themes, it is seen that God is supreme over all of the nations, but in particular Israel is his people, and God will continue to preserve them by actions expressed and appropriated generation to generation . This is expressed as seeing God as a god of history who comes into being through…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Book Of Exodus

    The first fourteen chapters of the book of Exodus include some very exiting Bible passages. There is a lot of action and a lot of plot. However, with all this action there comes a lot of bloodshed. The Lord hardens Pharaoh’s heart so that he does not let the people of Israel go to claim the land the Lord has promised to them. The Lord sends ten plagues to Egypt to show his power. The last one is the slaying of the firstborns’ of the Egyptians. At first glance, this seems like an absolutely…

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  • Exodus Compare And Contrast Essay

    Upon inspection of Exodus and the studying of Egyptian theology, one can draw many lines connecting the two. The primary connection is that of an attack on the gods of Egypt. There are a few varying views on the way that they are connected, but whichever way one decides upon, the connections are obvious. The plagues and Exodus in general can teach a great deal about God’s sovereignty and about being spiritual underdogs in a pluralistic world. While researching the ten plagues and Egyptian…

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  • Bondage And Sacrifice: The Book Of Exodus

    The book of Exodus explains how the Jewish tradition has embraced pain, bondage, and sacrifice. Reading the story of Israel’s birth and struggle revealed that initially, the nation of Israel was a small nation (Fisher, 2014, p. 253). In light of the Israelites starting out with only seventy peoples, including families when they entered Egypt, they multiplied and became a great nation (Deffinbaugh, 2004). Also, after reading the story of Egypt bondage and exodus, and how the Lord used Moses in…

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