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  • Chou's Language Synthesis Essay

    (Eb-F-G-Bb-B-D), and (Eb-F-G-Bb-B-C#). The last two chords recall back to the aggregate that occurred first in the piano part in measures 5-9, then in the strings in measure 13. Calligraphy In Chinese calligraphy, the calligrapher is both the composer and the performer. They are the composer in the sense that the work is composed mentally with an utmost level of sophistication, and they are the performer for they need to execute the actual calligraphing instantaneously temporally and without retouching or alteration afterward. They leave a trace of dynamic energy that is both visible and invisible. The kinesthetic movement is recorded by the ink when the brush touches the paper, but the movement or energy does not stop when the brush leaves the paper. A work of calligraphy exists temporally. For the viewers appreciating the artwork, there is a mental retracing of the calligraphing, and thus the original performance is re-performed for every viewer individually. These concepts influenced Chou Wen-Chung profoundly, and he has developed compositional techniques correlating to various attributes of calligraphy. In the iconic sense, different types of articulations in calligraphy correlate to different musical gestures. The title of the piece in Chinese, which is shown on the next page with Chou’s calligraphy, is certainly being treated as musical material in the piece. The first stroke of the title, a dian, is executed in three parts in a circular motion, with most of the…

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  • Calligraphy In Islamic Culture

    The fluidity of calligraphy symbolizes the "intertwining" of stability and change that exists in the mortal world (Nasr 28). Islamic calligraphy has the appearance of a never ending line; the letters are all connected to one another and the writing seems to be constantly moving (Piostrovsky 29). The continual movement of the line "is one of the ways of manifesting [Allah] to this world" (27) and "projects the concept of continuity, of endlessness, of pluriformity" (29). The symbolism of…

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  • Informative Essay About Calligraphy

    English 1101 8 November 2017 Calligraphy Being a junior in high school, a common question is “What do you want to be?” or “What do you want to do as a career?” I had taken an interest of graphic design at the time of when I was in search of one and that is what had led me to my liking in calligraphy. I have tried practicing various styles of calligraphy and watching different videos on calligraphers doing calligraphy. I admired calligraphers and the skill that it takes to create such…

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  • Chinese Calligraphy Influence Wall Painting

    Chinese painting has changed and evolved throughout Chinese history. An noticeable example is calligraphy. Calligraphy is a style of Chinese painting using fine penmanship and ink work. Originally calligraphy was once its art work alone. It wasn 't until later one the evolution of painting where you can see calligraphy used tied together with other styles and techniques of painting. Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Han Dynasty The Han…

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  • Cultural Influence On Islamic Art

    In the Islamic world, calligraphy has been used to a much greater extent and in diverse and innovative ways, which have taken the written words far beyond pen and paper into an array of art forms using different materials and techniques. Calligraphy has been employed on every possible surface from monumental stone structures to delicate stained glasses or silk robes –not only to record information, but also to express visual beauty reminding the observer of the divine mystical…

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  • A Unique Style In Satsuzi Yoshino's Barakamon

    In Satsuzi Yoshino's Barakamon, Handa is inspired to create original calligraphy. Handa was having many problems trying to write calligraphy in a unique style. After receiving a harsh scolding from a known calligraphy expert, Handa has an emotional breakdown. His father sends him to an island to cool off. On the island, Handa meets many children who befriend him and open up a whole new world of emotions for him. It is because of these new emotions that Handa can begin to search into himself for…

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  • Essay On Aniconism

    Aniconism, is the embodiment of medieval Islamic art. Traditional Islamic art consists of three different components: Geometric patterns, floral motifs, and calligraphy. These styles are masterfully, creatively, and alluringly integrated into complex arts, but there is a definite distinction between it and today’s art that mainly focuses on idolism and direct religious imagery. Understanding Islamic art helps one today understand why idolizing and depicting deities isn 't necessary to show…

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  • Song Dynasty Research Paper

    (Emperor Huizong, preface) Emperor Huizong is not only one of the emperors in Song dynasty but also the emperor who leading Northern Song dynasty to the ruin. He may be the worst emperor among Song dynasty because of his useless in politics, extravagant and dissipated in his daily life during that 26 years’ reign. However, without those questions, emperor Huizong deserves his reputation as a talented artist who did not only impressed his contemporaries with his poetry, calligraphy, and painting…

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  • Nostalgia In China

    Nostalgia manifests itself in many ways; the art of calligraphy is essentially a nostalgic search of the lost totems. Chinese characters are not immutable. As a matter of fact, behind every Chinese character there is a history of evolution, from the ancient oracle bone scripts to modern simplified Chinese characters. In this way, every generation inherits the tradition of Chinese characters, and then overthrows the tradition. Before a nostalgic Chinese speaker can use the lost totems as…

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  • Geometric Patterns In Islamic Art

    Islamic Geometric and Vegetal Patterns In Islam, art and beauty have important role since early times. So the Islamic artists and architects used different Islamic aspects in their art, such as building, mosques, books, coins, and their daily equipment etc. The main way they used to present the art or the most famous art of them was ornaments. Within the wide Islamic geographic spread and the valuable history, Islamic art was a subject that got influenced by different cultures different…

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