Informative Essay About Calligraphy

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Jessica Le
Dr. Goodman Eng1101
Explanation-Informative Essay
Due Date: November 8, 2017

Jessica Le
Professor Goodman
English 1101
8 November 2017
Being a junior in high school, a common question is “What do you want to be?” or “What do you want to do as a career?” I had taken an interest of graphic design at the time of when I was in search of one and that is what had led me to my liking in calligraphy. I have tried practicing various styles of calligraphy and watching different videos on calligraphers doing calligraphy. I admired calligraphers and the skill that it takes to create such beautiful work with calligraphy. Complexity and beauty is what calligraphy is identified as, but calligraphy is much more than just
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Although three different types of calligraphy was discussed, there are other types calligraphy and other places they originate from. The development of calligraphy can be explained through its origin, diffusion, and diverse style. Chinese calligraphy started in China during the Zhou Dynasty and throughout this time period, a writing style called “great seal” was formed. As times goes on, the style gets modified to “small seal” style then to “regular style.” Japanese calligraphy developed because China and their shipment of presents to the Japanese emperor. The language of Chinese that was present in Japan at the time, was then later on altered to become the Japanese language. Hiragana, brief cursive signs, were made from syllabaries of the Chinese language. European calligraphy can date back to 3000 BC in Egypt. With European calligraphy, it traveled from one place to another often for example, The Greeks took the alphabet made by the Phoenicians to create a method called the boustrophedon. Another example is that the Romans took the Greek alphabet and modified it to become the Latin language. During the 19th century European calligraphy, the fountain pen and steel pen was invented. In European calligraphy, there is such a vast history due to all the events and production of different styles and fonts. There are fonts like Gothic script and italics are …show more content…
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