Primary Health Care Essay

  • Primary Health Care Essay

    Primary healthcare is the healthcare provision process carried on every day with the intention of maintaining and restoring the aspired health status in community. For most people in the world, primary healthcare is usually the first contact there have with health facilities and professions. It is also the most frequent means of healthcare provision that they are exposed to. Therefore, primary healthcare can be defined as the most available healthcare facilities in the community. The aim of primary healthcare is to make routes to healthcare accessible to everyone and especially ordinary citizens of a nation. Ordinary people involve those of low and middle incomes. Theses group of people cannot afford to go for more specialized healthcares or specialized healthcare services. Due to their limited funds/financial power, they are at a risk of lacking accessibility to healthcare provision. In a bid to prevent such occasion, most government, and non-governmental organizations concerned with population, health has ensured the disposition of primary healthcare in most communities. These healthcare facilities and centers are very affordable to the majority of the population. Some of their services are even free to cater for the neediest. Given, their way of operation, it is clear that the main of primary healthcare facilities is to ensure that everybody has equal chances to contacting healthcare at a suitable time. Primary healthcare aims at caring and serving the people more than…

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  • Primary Health Care Case Study

    Primary health care principles aims at promoting health equities, social justice and person-centred approach to care (Gargioni and Raviglione, 2009). The social determinants of health are circumstances that where people born, live, grow, age and work had an impact on their life expectancy and health outcomes (Gupta, 2004).This is reflected in Mrs Samira Azizi, a 56 year old with an Afghan cultural background living in the community that require a nursing care, particularly post-operative…

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  • Pediatric Primary Health Care Analysis

    The outpatient facility I am going to discuss is pediatric primary health care facilities. Pediatric primary health care is an outpatient facility that deals with the medical care of children from birth to adolescents up to 18 years old. The most important provider in a pediatric primary health care facility is the pediatrician. A pediatrician is a primary care doctor who only sees children, and specializes in the physical, emotional, and behavioral needs of children. A pediatrician does…

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  • The Importance Of Primary Health Care Practice

    TASK 1 As a part of my primary health care practice, I was posted in a rural clinical setting which is located in the North Island of New Zealand. The main objectives of my clinical setting are to provide patient-centered care, promote health and well-being of the patient and to provide support to the family/whanau as well (Registered Nurse [RN], personal communication, February 10, 2016). Primary health care services deliver a wide range of health services which include treatment, health…

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  • Difference Between Public Health And Primary Care

    The two concepts of both the public health and that of the primary care often understood to be two entities, which provides complimentary services within the care sector. Their purpose is to address health matters that are very common in communities. However, public health deals with prevention of diseases, promote a healthy life- style by prolonging life. This is achievable through activities encompassing all organized effort, which will protect, promote and improve the health of the individual…

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  • Compare And Contrast Behavioral Health And Primary Care

    Behavioral health and mental health are sometimes used interchangeably, but behavioral health extends beyond mental health and encompasses a broad array of psychiatric and/or psychological services provided in many different settings. Behavioral healthcare is used to describe the connection between behaviors and the health and well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. It can include behaviors, such as habits like eating or drinking, that impact humans over time or immediately either physically…

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  • Care Strategy And Primary Health Care System In New Zealand

    prevalence of some LTC’s in New Zealand which is supported by epidemiological data. This essay also examines the Primary Health Care Strategy and primary health care system in New Zealand, and discusses the main goals and vision for primary health care, as well as the role of primary health care organisations and LTC’s. This essay lastly focuses on the role of primary health care nurses and their professional responsibilities in proving care to the community they are involved in and the…

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  • Literature Study: Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Areas

    reflected to primary care shortage. The following areas are known officially as primary care Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). The area are states like Nebraska 1.4%, Mississippi 57.3%, but not only that to consider, almost half the states, it is estimated at least 20%. Our capital D.C has a shortage of 30%, this also shows that anywhere in the U.S are lacking physicians or there are shortage of physician as primary care provider. Primary care provider demands is projected to rise over…

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  • Alma Ata Case Study

    this is an Internet Explorer-only plugin at this time. Health for All Through Primary Health Care Top Navigation Bar Courses Misa Bharti jhu Health for All Through Primary Health Care by Dr. Henry Perry, MD, PhD, MPH Course Home Page Search this course Search Side Navigation Bar Quick Questions15 Course Home Syllabus Faculty Learning Activities Video Lectures Quizzes Peer Assessments Community Discussion Forums…

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  • The Importance Of Integrated Care

    further into the health history of this client, I discovered that the client had a history of bipolar disorder. The nursing staff and physical therapists that were assigned to him that week was having a very difficult time administering care. He refused to take his medications, refused to keep weight off his affected limb and was often very rude to some of the staff members. Once I heard him tell a nurse that she was not welcomed to be his caregiver, only because she was not whom he requested.…

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