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    Geography- Canada covers a large portion of the northern area of the North American continent, Also, Canada has an extremely varied landscape. In various locations, it has mountains, including the Rockies, with several that border the Atlantic. In contrast, flat plans make up other areas. The highest point in Canada is Mount Logan which is in the Yukon. Language- Canadians speak a multitude of languages. Canadians speak English and French as their preferred language. English and French, the “official languages” identified by the Constitution of Canada, which means that all laws of the federal government appear in both English and French and that federal government services are required to be available in both languages. Major Religion-…

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  • Inorganization In Canada

    world. Technology is commonly found in Silicon Valley however, the immigration status remains in negotiations and Canada is planning on taking advantage of the new administrations inorganization. The article mentions has two founders of a company who are from India and were working with H1-B visas had trouble renewing their visas when they expired. Due to the complications or renewing the work visas, the two founders moved their shop to Canada. This does not mean that Silicon Valley will…

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  • Securitization In Canada

    One of the world’s longest and “friendliest” borders has been reinvented and reconfigured to “a high security zone marked by fortified crossing points, thermal body detectors, swiveling surveillance cameras, and the occasional low-skimming Blackhawk helicopter” (“Overzealous U.S-Canada”, 2015). Considerations for this reconfiguration occurred long before the events of September 11 2001, and Canada did not want to implement policies that did not assess refugee claims on a “case by case basis”,…

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  • Immigrate To Canada

    society. To say that the Aboriginal people of Canada have faced harsh and despicable circumstances in order to be where they are today is true in its entirety. The disgusting…

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  • Is Canada Relevant

    The essay topic I have chosen is “Is Canada a relevant or a fading power?”. Primary readings on the subject indicate that Canada was viewed as a middle power throughout the Cold War. During the founding of the United Nations, Canada played a large role as “mediator in the new international order” (Ferrari, 2006) and was elected as a middle power in 1945 after the Australian’s gave up the role. The Canadian post-war identity was one that showed strength, optimism and just practises. According to…

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  • Migration In Canada

    Can you imagine yourself migrating to a different country, adapting to the change of climate, adjusting to the different culture and learning how to speak English is a way of survival? Throughout the history of Canada, immigration has become a part of our countries fabric, which began centuries ago. Canada is a country where we welcome anyone from any descent or displaced country to come and live in peace. Canada is both a multicultural and multiethnic country where individuals from diverse…

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  • Regionalism In Canada

    Political opinions are changing in Canada; many reasons can account for this, including regionalism. Regionalism can be used to explain regional differences and voter outcome, making it a powerful political tool in Canada. In this paper, regionalism will be described as an explanatory variable under the conditions of the “composition effect" and the “context effect,” building on the ideas of Cochrane and Perrella (2012). As well, the emergences of indifferent “regional political cultures” will…

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  • Childcare In Canada

    The Second World War started a new beginning for childcare in Canada. What is known today as the Day Nursery Act wasn’t without trial and tribulation, nor was it first known as the Day Nursery Act. The Dominion-Provincial War Time Agreement was the first agreement that was made available in 50% cost sharing to the provinces to support child care programs for children whose mothers were working in essential wartime industries (Child Care Canada, 2011). Only two provinces saw the advantage of…

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  • Nationhood In Canada

    The concept of nationhood in Canada is one that has been highly debated throughout Canada’s history from initial English-French conflict between first settlers, to the debates leading up to confederation in 1867, to the present. These struggles between English and French Canadians to have their distinct identities recognized as part of the fabric of the country remains a constant in the narrative of Canadian history and politics from 1864 onwards. As the country grew and changed throughout the…

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  • Colonization Of Canada

    1. The French and the English were the two European powers that came into conflict over Canada, in order to obtain the land and it 's resources, namely the animal pelts and fish from the Atlantic coast. The resources in turn led to wealth and prestige back home, something both imperial powers vied for. 2. Canada was colonized later than the Caribbean and Central America because at the time it was considered little more than a remote northern outpost. For much of 1500s, the colonies in the…

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