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  • Essay On Athens Woman

    road is a main road to travel between Athens and Sparta and on this road two woman run into each other. They start to talk to each other and ask how each other cities and lives are. After a few seconds they start to argue about which one is better and who as the best lives. Athens woman: “Hello there, are you traveling from Sparta?” Spartan woman: “Why yes I am, what parts of Greece are you traveling from?” Athens woman: The Athenian women shouted with confidence, “Only the greatest city in the world of course, Athens!” Spartan woman: “ugh, of course you’re an Athenian woman. I’m surprised you’re even out of your house.” Athens woman: “what is that suppose to mean?” The…

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  • Athens And The Pantheon Analysis

    The Parthenon in Athens and the Pantheon in Rome: Comparison Introduction History shows that the Parthenon was built on a raised platform, and consisted, basically, of a cella (enclosed room) surrounded by a peristyle of free-standing columns. The entire building, including the roof tiles, was constructed of white pentelic marble. Large areas, such as the columns, were left white, but most of the details, such as the sculptures, were brightly painted (Hopper 122). The temple had seventeen…

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  • Athens Vs. Sparta

    Around the fifth century, about 30,000 to 40,000 people who live in the community of Athens enjoyed equality until they created this new law and so many political rights. Citizenship was granted only for male children and their parents had to be born in the Athens. Males had to complete certain type of military training for the males to be able to vote. But in order for you to vote you had to be a white male landowner with a lot of money. All of this is an example of a Ancient Greek democracy.…

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  • The Parthenon: The Acropolis In Athens, Greece

    buit totally from Pentalic marble, despite the fact that parts of its establishments are limestone from a pre-480 BCE sanctuary that was never finished, on top of a slope called the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Due to how enormous and tall it is inside the Parthenon there was a colossal statue of the goddess Athena. Outside the Parthenon, high up on its four dividers there was a frieze. The frieze shapes a solitary, ceaseless band around the outside of the internal building (along the highest…

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  • Essay Comparing Athens And Sparta

    With Athens and Sparta being “neighbors” and being rivals, they’re two different cities and do things different ways. Sparta was stricter on their people and Athenians were the complete opposite. For example, Athenian women were prisoners in their own homes and didn’t have the economic or social independence as to Spartan women were “baby-makers” and had the economic and social independence. Participating in Public Life Sparta In Sparta, the people that got to make the decisions for the public…

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  • Hegemony In Athens

    As introduced by, Suresht Bald: “Without openly attacking the other, each used persuasion, coercion, und subversion to strengthen itself and weaken its rival. This struggle for hegemony by Athens and Sparta…” or the Worlds currently developing, East/West Hegemonic dilemma; which “is felt most acutely by small, hitherto “independent” states that were now being forced to take side in the bipolar World… One such State was Melos… After strategically positioning their powerful fleet… [Envoys were…

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  • Sparta Vs Athens

    the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, and free people ruling themselves. However, when Greece is broken down into her multiplicity of city-states, we see distinct variations across societies. The place this distinction is most easily seen is when comparing Athens and Sparta. Despite being sister cities, and working together to twice fend off Persian invaders in the Greco-Persian wars, Athens and Sparta always seemed to be rivals. Despite sharing new ways of governance, Athens and Sparta…

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  • Compare And Contrast Athens And Sparta

    Many readers and historians refer Athens and Sparta as the two leading city-states of Greek Civilization. It was a period of time where empires were slowly coming into the ancient world. Athens and Sparta were growing and flourishing. Ancient Greece was rising. As these two city-states grew, so did the ideas on how they should lead and run their city-state, which lead to the two societies sharing and disagreeing on the same ideas or coming up with different ideas. There were many similarities…

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  • Athens And Sparta Comparison Essay

    Athens and Sparta are both well-known cities that associated themselves with the Greeks and Greece. To this day most people can tell you at least were Sparta and Athens was located. The issue was that these two cities were major rivals and quite different. Sparta was very militaristic city that focused heavily on gaining more land and power for their city and for Greece. They required that all men join the military and help during wars. Sparta was known more as a laid back city that did worried…

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  • Essay On Sparta And Athens

    Sparta and Athens were both successful City States in Ancient Greece. Although they both were located in the same country, they both had conflicting views on several issues and they were different in the way they operated. The Athenians cared more about learning and the arts, while the Spartans were focused on military training and following orders. The two city states had different governments and social make-ups. Although the challenging city-states of Sparta and Athens were individually…

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