Athens Essay

  • Analysis Of Athens And Athens

    road is a main road to travel between Athens and Sparta and on this road two woman run into each other. They start to talk to each other and ask how each other cities and lives are. After a few seconds they start to argue about which one is better and who as the best lives. Athens woman: “Hello there, are you traveling from Sparta?” Spartan woman: “Why yes I am, what parts of Greece are you traveling from?” Athens woman: The Athenian women shouted with confidence, “Only the greatest city in the world of course, Athens!” Spartan woman: “ugh, of course you’re an Athenian woman. I’m surprised you’re even out of your house.” Athens woman: “what is that suppose to mean?” The…

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  • Compare And Contrass And Differences Of Athens And Athens

    Athens and Sparta are both well-known cities that associated themselves with the Greeks and Greece. To this day most people can tell you at least were Sparta and Athens was located. The issue was that these two cities were major rivals and quite different. Sparta was very militaristic city that focused heavily on gaining more land and power for their city and for Greece. They required that all men join the military and help during wars. Sparta was known more as a laid back city that did worried…

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  • The Characteristics Of Ancient Athens, Athens And New York

    of Modern cities have been adapted from Greek cities by comparing and contrasting Ancient Athens, Greece and Manhattan, New York. These two urbanizations are both examples that display how much the urban grid and the programs within a city have changed over time. Although the city of Manhattan has advanced greatly contrasting the Ancient Athens polis, there are some common characteristics between these two urbanizations as well. One example includes the grid that organizes these two cities.…

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  • Structure Of Athens And Spartas

    800-323 BCD, Athens and Sparta were the two powerful cites in Greece. Their territories separated by water and land. Although their cities were not too far from each other, yet there was a major different on how they govern there cities. While the Athens was governed by demos, the Spartans were govern by Oligarchy. In this essay, we will explore the structure of their governments, the differences, and the similarities. At the end, both nations left us a unique historical value where other…

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  • Essay On Athens And Sparta

    majority of these “Polis” or towns controlled small regions of land and were populated by some hundreds of citizens. However, the two largest “Polis” known as Athens and Sparta were much more powerful and influential than the rest. In a nutshell, Athens was a democratic and trade focused government while on the other hand Sparta was a military focused society with an oligarchy government. In this article major differences between Athens and Sparta will be examined. Focusing on the government…

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  • Athens Democracy Essay

    He also gave the people the right to a trial. The next ruler Solon, the next Athenian ruler also helped Athens become a democracy. He also wrote many reforms into the laws and gave all citizens the right to vote, an important step in the origins of democracy. Some of his reforms created problems for other people, who wanted to become citizens. In 500BC, Athens looked like a modern democracy. The main lawmaking body was known as the assembly, and all free male citizens could be in the assembly.…

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  • Importance Of Money In Athens

    Conflict in Athens In the time before Solon there was a lot of conflict in Athens. Some between the aristocrats and the peasants. The rich had enslaved a lot of the poor people and most of the other poor people had debt with them. This drove the poor to seek a revolution because it was becoming unbearable. Other conflict that existed was between the different aristocratic families themselves. Megacles and Cylon’s factions had a blood feud going that was quite serious at the time of Solon.…

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  • Universal Characteristics Of Athens

    world cities to measure how other cities will compare. These indexes paint a clearer picture of what comprises a world city and provide direction for how a city might improve its local or relative situation. One city, Athens, Greece, is world renowned for its historical context. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, having been around for over three millennia. Additionally, the city was the center of ancient Greek…

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  • Contrast Athens And Sparta

    Around 750 B.C, one of the world’s longest-lasting civilizations began to form its first poleis, or city-states. This civilization, known as Ancient Greece, lasted 3,500 years and became home to influential city states such as Athens and Sparta. The poleis of Athens of Sparta were two of the most powerful city-states for completely different reasons. Athens represented the academic population while Sparta represented the militant population. These differences, along with many others, led to…

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  • Sparta And Athens Similarities

    Imagine you are a citizen of ancient Greece, where would you live? Strong Sparta or artistic Athens? Athens and Sparta were both powerful civilizations seen as utopias by their people. These city- states had a plethora of contrasting characteristics, with few similarities. Athens’ and Sparta’s government and social standards may be polar opposites but they come from the same cultural origin, Greece. Both civilizations had undeniably strong governments, however the ruled their citizens on…

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