Importance Of Teaching Practices Of Living Inquiry

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Throughout the article “Teaching Practices of living inquiry” by Karen Meyer there were many ideas that were new to me such as the main concept of living inquiry. I was curious to know and understand how an ongoing living of an everyday life can be a practice. A practice which lets you enjoy every part of your life living in “being in the moment” and from this theory Karen Meyer developed a course which involves pedagogy and practices of each experience. From reading the article and putting these thoughts into real life practices I can now understand and visualize what it means to have a living inquiry.
Throughout the weeks I have been looking at the term time and its significance very deeply. Firstly, I think it is very important to first
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If I made these changes this would be unethical of me wouldn’t it? But sometimes I question my curiosity of time. I feel that there isn’t enough time in a day because we give the symbol of what 12:00 means *lunch, 3:00 school dismissal, so how can we fit everything and be part of the children’s investigations? This is a complicated task, we want to be part of their learning and curiosity allowing them to do whatever they feel but time comes in the way. The thing with twelve numbers, one big hand and one little hand becomes a universal symbol that we all follow and it can be hard sometimes, when you don’t want to. How can we enjoy this thing called time, being in the moment of relaxation, stress free and living inquiry. It is difficult to think about this matter, I know every day when I was at the preschool, I kept thinking about time vs the schedule, what if I wasn’t here how unprofessional would this look? But if we kept the idea of post-modernism maybe it would work. But without any doubt my inquiry of time meant being timeless; I drew this picture of a watch without any numbers or hands just so I can make connections to my thinking of time being timeless. When I went to the dykes in Richmond I took out my notepad and sketched the beautiful sunset and thought this is what time is no one telling you a certain time, you made your own investigation of what time was. I was thinking about how back in the day there were no clocks people told time through the sunrise and sunset but can this still make the world timeless? That’s what I still want to know, this living inquiry might show me the

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