Discipline in the Army Essay

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  • Importance Of Mission Readiness

    Through my military career I have been told the importance of mission readiness and how much of an impact it can have on the unit if one soldier is not up to standard. The other solders must not only continue working on the load they have but also pic up my slack. Not being fully mission capable waste time and energy of my peers, my NCOs and the officers in my unit. I must do better as a soldier I am A specialist looking to go to the promotion board in January but I made a private mistake. Mission readiness comes down to discipline and prioritizing which I will explain in this essay. Discipline and standards define what it means to be an Army professional. Through the teaching and instilment of how we do things as soldiers…

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  • Army Equipment History

    the modern US ARMY of the 21st century is the most technologically proficent and organized fighting force the world has ever seen. in terms of capabilitys the US ARMY has had to make many changes in the last 240 or so years in order to adapt to a world with increasing complexities. equipment has greatly advanced, soldiers have changed following different generations of socialization and terms and conditions of war have modernized to fit ideals of morality and culpability. although many things…

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  • Two Hands On The Sword Analysis

    wields it in combat (2008). Given this relationship, it is critical for military leaders to understand and appreciate the trust the American People place in the Soldiers that choose to serve on behalf of the Nation. In the Army, Army Doctrine Reference Publication 1 (2015) (ADRP 1) explains that “[e]xternal trust is the confidence and faith that the American people have in the Army to serve the Nation ethically, effectively, and efficiently” (p. 3-1). A U.S. Army Captain’s primary…

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  • The Importance Of Respect In The United States Army

    accordingly, otherwise anyone challenging the authority of a non-commissioned officer or his seniors is legally punished and reprimanded. And this is the code of the military and that all army personnel must abide by. When one has joined and has sworned in to be a member of the United States Army, he has given up the right to speak out his opinion for no matter what he thinks or believes in. He has voluntarily given up his first amendment right of the constitution, he has given up his right…

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  • How Napoleon Changed Warfare Essay

    Napoleon’s military changed warfare forever and are abundant throughout national armies of today. Tradition, discipline and innovation are the main aspects of the Western way of war best characterizing warfare in the age of Napoleon. Napoleon continued with the importance of a having a national army from the French Revolution and instilled discipline in his Soldiers to return to their regiments after foraging off the land. The national army construct held intact from the French Revolution…

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  • Usma Cadet And Army Officer Qualities

    preparation and execution. All of these are great qualities to have, but in order to become a successful USMA cadet and Army officer, one needs to have character, leadership, discipline, loyalty, intelligence, and dedication. I believe that one needs to have character in order to become a successful USMA cadet and Army officer. Character is made up of many other traits, and each small trait is used as a building block in the construction of the foundation of one’s character. A person’s…

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  • Essay On The Leadership Secrets Of Attila The Hun

    he also encourages critical thinking in his leaders, He was aware that just by changing a leader out could influence the atmosphere of his army and nation. He bound his leaders to the tradition of their office they held and made sure they know the role they had to play in it. He also establishes a high standard of performance from his leaders of if in charge be in charge attitude. He made sure that he picked leader that want to be leaders and would excel in the position and their beliefs…

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  • Discipline And Punish By Michel Foucault

    In Michel Foucault’s book Discipline and Punish, he writes of the dramatic increase in military effectiveness as a result of changes in the methods of discipline. These changes “increases the skill of each individual, coordinates these skills, accelerates movements, increases fire power, broadens the fronts of attack without reducing their vigour, increases the capacity for resistance” (210). Foucault also states that before these changes, military discipline was merely a device used as a means…

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  • General Creighton Abrams

    Various commissioned and noncommissioned Officers in the United States Army have had significant impacts on the military. The Generals of World War II, Patton, Eisenhower, Marshall, and Bradley, swiftly come to mind. There are, however, other Generals who left a lasting impact once their service was complete. One exceptional individual was General Creighton Abrams. His long stint in the US Army stretched to include positions served during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. During…

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  • Discrimination In Military

    diversity and unity. One thing is clear within the Army – there are no excuses for sexual assault. There are no excuses for discrimination due to race, gender, or place of origin, and there are no excuses for unfair practices that result from such discrimination. Nevertheless, these issues persist today (not just in the Army, but in society itself as well). Sometimes it is due to a lack of exposure or awareness. Sometimes it is due to a lack of understanding. Sometimes it is neither. …

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